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Bentley 1953

Type R
R Continental - new model

Great Britain

Bentley at Earls Court.

Bentley Continental Sports Saloon is an entirely new variant with light-alloy bodywork by H. J. Mulliner. Based on the chassis of the Mark VI Saloon (apart from a higher engine compression ratio and higher final drive ratio) this two-door four-seater have a lower body with long rear wings and sloping 'fastback' rear end styling. It is powered by a modified version of the larger 4566-cc engine, introduced the previous year, which greatly improved the performance and power output. The traditional dummy filler cap and winged 'B' mascot were eliminated from the radiator shell.

Bentley R Type Saloon B7 four-door model differ from the Mark VI Saloon mainly in having a lengthened and more elegant tail with the spare wheel housed in a tray under the larger boot.

Export cars got automatic option in 1952, UK cars in 1953, when dash was also re designed.


Type R


Bentley R Standard Saloon – September '52 advert.

Bentley R Standard Saloon




Bentley R Continental

American advertisement for the Continental

Bentley R Continental

Bentley R Continental




Countryman by Radford