Classic Car Catalogue

Bandini 1953



World Sportscar Championship entries:
   Mille Miglia 26.04.1953 Entrant: Results:  
#         gen. class  
2225     Bondi / Vitali   dnf S750 -  



In 1952, he began to construct cars for the 750 class, where most of his successes were achieved.

These cars used a tubular chassis and were powered by a Crosley sohc engine, modified by Bandini. Most of the cars were also fitted with a body constructed in-house (the first four had bodies by Motto). With this vehicle the successes were limited, but the adoption of a dohc cylinder-head later that year significantly improved things. Around this time he also made one car with a 1500 engine, actually a Fiat 1400 unit modified by Siata.