Classic Car Catalogue

Autobianchi 1979

A 112 Normale 4 cyl, 903 cm³, 42 cv
A 112 Elegant  4 cyl, 956 cm³, 48 cv
A 112 Abarth   4 cyl, 1049 cm³, 70 cv
  Berlina wb: 2038 mm


The 5th series.

Fifth series A 112. In July the A112 underwent another styling modification, receiving large black plastic cladding on the rear, surrounding new taillights, and new side trim and bumpers. The grille is also new, and there are black plastic wheelarches to link all of the plastic parts together. The extractor vents behind the rear side windows are also larger, of black plastic, and wrapped around the pillar. The front turn signals are moved from the front of the fenders to a spot just in front of the leading edge of the doors, while a small badge denoting the trim level appears in the turn signal's old place. In terms of trim levels, the Normale now became the Junior, and the Elite version is added, a notch above the Elegant in the lineup. There are some very light modifications to the interior. A large, rollback canvas sunroof became available on the Junior, and a rear window wiper became optional across the range.
In terms of transmissions, a five-speed transmission now became available on certain models. The fifth gear is an overgear, while the ratios of the four lower speeds and the final gearing remains unchanged. Aside from the new transmission there are no notable mechanical changes. Power outputs remains at 42, 48, and 70 PS. The Abarth also receives the new five-speed gearbox, as well as new alloy wheels and foglights as standard.