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Autobianchi 1976

A 112


In 1976, due to new emissions standards, the Elegant lost two horsepower, now down to 45 PS (33 kW). Third series Normales still receives metal bumpers, but from now on they are painted black (instead of being chromed) and no longer has a rubber strip. This is the last model to have the diamond shaped turn signals on the front fenders, with later models receiving more orthodox rectangular ones. Rayton Fissore showed (and then sold) a special-bodied version of the A112 called "Otas" in 1976, with aerodynamically styled bodywork reminiscent of that of the Porsche 928.


A 112

A 112 Normale (4 cyl, 903 cm³, 42 cv)
A 112 Elegant (4 cyl, 903 cm³, 47 cv)
A 112 Abarth (4 cyl, 1049 cm³, 70 cv)
  Berlina (wb: 2038 mm)