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Autobianchi 1975

A 112


Third series A 112. From 1975 the Normale received a less powerful engine. The insides in the rear were recontoured, so that the car now became a five-seater (instead of four). The easiest way to spot a third series is that it received new, much larger vents on the C-pillars, as well as redesigned taillights - with integrated reversing lights on the Elegant and Abarth. The Abarth also received a new larger 1050 cc engine ("70HP"), while the Normale's output dropped to 42 PS (31 kW) in July 1975. All engines are still pushrod units, derived from the old tipo 100 engine first introduced in the Fiat 600.
In Abarth version displacement was increased to 1,050 cc, while power climbed from 58 HP to 70 HP at 6600 rpm, for a weight of only 700 kg (1,540 lb). The new model s also the first A112 to use a 5-speed manual gearbox.
500 Giardiniera discontinued.

500 Giardiniera

500 (2cyl., 499ccm, 18 KM; wb: 1940 mm)


A 112

A 112 (Elegant) (4 cyl, 903 cm³, 42 cv)
A 112 Abarth (4 cyl., 982 cm³, 58 cv)
A 112 Abarth (4 cyl., 1049 cm³, 70 cv) - new model
  Berlina (wb: 2038 mm)

A 112

A 112 E

A 112 Abarth