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Autobianchi 1973

A 112


Second series A 112 in March. E for Elegant became its name. Standard version is now referred to as the Normale. The grille is new, with a larger mesh, and the bumpers are now of rubber with chrome insert (although the Normale retains the old metal bumpers with rubber strips). A new style of alloys are also available, and the seats and dashboard underwent some changes. The Abarth received a new chess pattern upholstery.

500 Giardiniera

500 (2cyl., 499ccm, 18 KM; wb: 1940 mm)


A 112

A 112 (Elegant) (4 cyl, 903 cm³, 42 cv)
A 112 Abarth (4 cyl., 982 cm³, 58 cv)
  Berlina (wb: 2038 mm)




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 Targa Florio 13.05.1973 Entrant: Results:
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#70 Giliberti A 112 Barba/De Luca        

Autobianchi Giliberti A 112 (Giancarlo Barba - Mario De Luca) at Targa Florio.