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Autobianchi 1967



Fiat przejął 100% akcji firmy.
The company Autobianchi in Milan, in which Fiat is significantly involved, builds since 1957 various special models based on the Fiat 500. Much more important for Autobianchi is the Primula, which has been on the market since the autumn of 1964. It is Fiat's first attempt to produce a front wheel drive car with transverse engine. In addition it is meant to oppose the Innocenti license Austin rival built in Italy. In the technical structure, of course, the Primula with a rigid rear axle remains much more conventional than the English model.


Quattroposti (2cyl, 0.5l. 18 KM)
Eden Roc (2cyl, 0.5l. 21 KM)
Panoramica (2cyl, 0.5l. 18 KM)

Bianchina Eden Roc  

Bianchina Quattroposti

Bianchina Panoramica


sedan 2-, 3-door (1221 cm³, 57 KM)
sedan 4-, 5-door (1221 cm³, 62 KM)


Primula 2-door

Primula 3-door

Primula 5-door

Primula Coupé