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Austin Healey 1969

Great Britain

Sprite Mk V (R4 cyl, 1275 cc, 66 bhp; wb: 2030 mm) - nowy model 



Austin Healey coraz bardziej upodabnia się do MG. Nowa wersja Mk V różni się już tylko znakiem firmowym.

Facelift in 1969 has black sills and grille, round rear wheel arches and Rostyle wheels.


  Targa Florio 04.05.1969 Entrant: Results:  
#         gen. class category
218 Sprite   Bending/Capell M.Dickin/Lubysil acc. - -  
224 Sprite   Wheeler/Davidson   acc. - -  
  24h Le Mans 15.06.1969 Entrant: Results: Index:
#         gen. class perf. eff.
37 Healey SR   Baker/Harris Donald Healey fail. - - -

Austin Healey Sprite, Targa Florio. Tony Bending - Alan Capell, (accident).

Healey SR, engine: Coventry Climax 1998 cm³ (Clive Baker / Jeff Harris) by Donald Healey Motor Co. at 24h Le Mans.


Austin Healey Sprite, Targa Florio. Jack Wheeler - Martin Davidson (accident).