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Austin Healey 1962

Great Britain

3000 Mk II (BN7/BT7) roadster - ost. rok
3000 Mk II 'A' (BJ7) cabrio (2912cc, 130 bhp) - nowy model
Sprite Mk II roadster (950) (R4 cyl, 948 cm³, 47 KM) - modernizacja (silnik 1100) (R4 cyl, 1098 cm³, 57 KM)  



Nowy Sprite bardzo przypadł do gustu nabywcom. W ciągu zaledwie roku powstało 20.450 sztuk.

Austin-Healey 3000 Sports Convertible. First produced in the spring but not announced until the summer, this two/four seater addition to the range include a twin-carburettor version of the 3-litre power unit, shorter gear lever, curved windscreen, wind-up side windows, swivelling quarter lights and a redesigned hood with flexible rear window. The two existing 3000 Sports models were discontinued in June.



3000 Mk II

3000 Mk IIa
In its new the car has full wind-up windows, swivelling quarter lights for controlled ventilation and a new top which can, it is claimed, easily be operated by one person from inside the car. Accompanying these refinements is a recontoured wraparound windscreen. When furled, the hood nests down behind the car's occasional rear seats, almost completely out of sight. The transparent plastic back window, large in area, is quickly detachable from the hood itself. Engineering improvements for '63 are of a detail nature and include stiffer-rate coil springs for the front suspension. Cars fitted with the optional Laycock overdrive are notable for restful high-speed cruising, giving 23 m.p.h. per thousand r.p.m. in overdrive top gear. Matching the 3000's high performance are its potent brakes, pairing drums at the back with 11 ¼ -inch discs in front.




B.M.C.'s versatile A-Series engine appears here in the hottest of its standard forms, but Sprite owners are a notoriously performance-hungry breed and the specialist tuners have no difficulty in wringing considerably more than the catalogued go b.h.p. from its four cylinders. The Mk II version, introduced early last year, has external access to the luggage boot, an easier-to-open bonnet, more space for both occupants. Front wings have bolt-on attachment for ease of repair. A wide range of optional extras, including knock-on wire wheels, is offered. No change in specification this year.


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
27.05.1962 Nürburgring 1000 km 3 1 1 60 Sebring Sprite Reid / Sparrowe 23rd S1.0 2nd
23-24.06.1962 Le Mans 24h       24 3000 Whitmore/Olthoff fail.  

Austin-Healey 3000, chassis #HBN7/10339, engine: Austin-Healey 2.958 cc (John Whitmore / Bob Olthoff) Ecurie Chiltern; 24h Le Mans.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
  29.8-2.9.1962 Liège-Sofia-Liège     2 56 3000 Logan Morrison / Rupert Jones 5th
          57 3000 David Seigle-Morris / Barry Hercock 8th
  Coupe des Alpes         3000 Morley/Morley 1st

Logan Morrison and Rupert Jones; Austin Healey 3000; 5th.