Classic Car Catalogue

Austin 1979

Allegro 2 - end of prod
Allegro 3 - new model

Great Britain


Allegro 2

  4 cyl.
1098 cc
45 bhp
4 cyl.
1275 cc
54 bhp
4 cyl.
1485 cc
68 bhp
4 cyl.
1748 cc
90 bhp
  1100 1300 1500 1750
Saloon 2-dr De-luxe Super - -
Saloon 4-dr De-luxe Super Super HL
Estate 3-dr - Super Super -

 Austin Allegro
Economy motoring at its finest.
There are many so-called economy cars on the market. Unfortunately, most of them look just that. And, in many cases, the low initial cost is soon overtaken by high priced spares and servicing difficulties.
In contrast, the stylish Allegro looks, feels and drives like a motorcar of real quality. A transversely-mounted engine drives the front wheels, giving you the twin advantages of excellent roadholding and maximum interior space within compact outside dimensions. *Hydragas independent suspension smooths out bad roads. Reliability is first class and maintenance costs are refreshingly low.
There are nine models in the Allegro range - seven Saloon versions and two Estates-to suit just about every family motoring need. Whichever you choose, you'll be investing in a well-proved, solidly engineered, top value motorcar with a sense of true style.
*Hydragas is a registered trade-mark.

Allegro 1100 De-Luxe
Most inexpensive member of the Allegro family, the 1100 de-luxe is far from 'basic' in its style and appointments. Just look at some of the many features of this 2 or 4 door saloon. Underbody protection and wax-injected body sills; radial ply tyres; servo-assisted front disc brakes; knit-backed expanded vinyl wearing surfaces for all seats; fitted carpets; face-level fresh airvents; heated rear window; coat hooks; vanity mirror; hazard warning lights. All this and much more in a car that looks anything but economy class.
Grown-up families will choose the four door model, for convenience and easy access to the rear seats. But, for the family with young children the two door version offers extra safety.

Allegro 1300 Super Saloon & Estate
The 1300 Super Saloon offers more power and a number of very useful additional features for just a little more money — well worth it if you can afford it. There are reclining front seats, for instance, reversing lamps, a cigar lighter and a stylish double coach line. Surprisingly, the 1275cc engine is almost as economical as that of the thrifty Allegro 1100.
Then there's the 1300 Super Estate, with its folding rear seat and high lift tailgate. The flat load floor is fully carpeted and the styling of the three-door body is as pleasing as it is practical. If you're a hobbyist, dog owner, or just prefer a very versatile car, the 1300 Super Estate is your top-choice. (The 1300 Super Estate is identical in appearance to the 1500 Super Estate illustrated overleaf).

Allegro 1500 Super Saloon & Estate
Up we go to luxury motoring, but retaining those running economy features which hallmark the entire Allegro range. The 1485cc. o.h.c. engine, transversely mounted and driving the front wheels is coupled with a five-speed gearbox, to take the effort out of long-distance touring. It makes for smoothly confident overtaking too. Along with the extra power come higher standards of interior appointments.
All these benefits apply equally to the 1500 Super Estate. Fold the rear seats down, open up the full-size tail gate and you have unrestricted access to a flat floor carpeted compartment over 53 cubic feet in capacity. With the rear seats up, you have all the comfort of a luxury saloon, plus a truly enormous luggage boot. There's a lot to be said for such versatility.

Allegro 1500 Special & 1750HL
From the outside, the AIlegro 1500 Special looks very special indeed, with its vinyl roof covering, black panel on the boot lid, twin fog lamps, door-mounted mirrors and handsome wheel trims. Inside this attractive car, there are special features to match; cushioned head restraints, velour seat trim facings and a vinyl trimmed roof.
For extra performance, there's yet another version of the versatile Allegro; the 1750HL. Inside, you're cossetted with even more comfort and safety features but, best of all, you'll appreciate the smooth power of a 1748cc overhead camshaft, twin carburettor engine. Coupled with a five speed gearbox, front wheel drive and *Hydragas independent suspension, this lively power unit promises real driving enjoyment, Allegro style.
*Hydragas is a registered trade-mark.



wb: 8ft 8¾in
(2642 mm)
4 cyl.
1485 cc
75 bhp
4 cyl.
1748 cc
84 bhp
4 cyl.
1748 cc
91 bhp
Saloon 5-dr 1500 1750 1750 HL  

 Austin Maxi
The car for all reasons.
For out-and-out versatility, the astonishing Maxi has no rival, merely a string of imitators. It's really several cars in one and, in each guise, it does its job superbly well. And it does it with outstanding reliability, economy, performance and true style.
All Maxis have five doors, five forward gears and accommodation for up to five adults. You can use it as a spacious saloon with a rear parcel shelf and a roomy, conventional boot. By taking out the parcel shelf, you obtain inside access to your luggage. Fold the rear seat forward and your Maxi becomes a fully carpeted Estate with over 50 cu. ft. capacity. Recline the front and rear seat backrests and you convert it to a bedroom with a comfortable double bed.
There are three versions of the Maxi, offering variations in engine size and equipment, but all having the same practical versatility.

Maxi 1500 & 1750
In terms of exterior dimensions, the Maxi is not a large car. But, inside, there's an immediate and lasting impression of spaciousness. One of the key reasons for this is the transversely mounted engine driving the front wheels. Teamed with *Hydragas independent suspension, this makes for a very high standard of roadholding, stability and serene comfort, whatever the road surface or weather conditions. Servo assisted brakes (discs on the front wheels) add to your driving confidence and that fifth gear allows you to cruise at motorway speeds without straining the engine.
Both Maxi power units are noted for their rugged reliability and the Maxi 1750, with its larger engine and proportionately greater power, is also available with automatic transmission as an optional extra, — a transmission which features a manual over-ride control for those occasions when you prefer to change gear yourself.
Maxi HL
Here are all the practical virtues of the Maxi concept plus extra power from a higher compression, twin carburettor 1748cc engine and a host of additional comfort and styling features. The HL seats have nylon fabric panels for hard-wearing luxury, the fascia is faced in a matt finish burr walnut veneer for good looks, there's a companion box on each front door and a leather bound steering wheel rim.
*Hydragas is a Registered trade-mark.


Allegro 3




wb: 2695 mm 4 cyl. diesel
2520 cc
Taxi FX4D