Classic Car Catalogue

Austin 1952

A30 Seven  
A40 Devon - discontinued (1947-52 - 456.544 ex.)
A70 Hereford  
A40 Sports  
A90 Atlantic - discontinued (1948-52 - 7.981 ex.)
A125 Sheerline  
A135 Princess II  
A40 Somerset - new model in February
Princess 4-Litre - new model in October (London)
Hire Car FL1  
Taxicab FX3  
Champ - new model

Great Britain

American advert.
Połączenie z Morrisem - powstał British Motor Corporation.
Produkcja A40 Devon właśnie się zakończyła. Łącznie powstało 456.544 sztuk A 40 w wersjach 4-dr Devon i 2-dr Dorset.
Następca A40 Somerset pojawił się w sprzedaży w lutym. Stylizowany podobnie do A70, jest od niego mniejszy i skromniej wyposażony. Skórzana tapicerka dostępna jest jako standard, ale ogrzewanie i daszek przeciwsłoneczy stanowią wyposażenie dodatkowe. Wersja convertible pojawiła się we wrześniu. Nowy model występuje też jako sportowy kabriolet budowany u Jensena. Został on zaprezentowany 8 miesięcy po wersji podstawowej.
Zaprezentowany w Londynie w ubiegłym roku A30 Seven jest najtańszą ofertą na rynku brytyjskim. Z ceną 507 funtów pozostawia w pobitym polu bezpośredniego rywala, Morrisa Minor (£569)
A 40 Devon was discontinued in early 1952, over 456,544 A40s had been produced; 77% of these had been exported, earning £88 million in foreign currency.
Agreement for Nissan to build and sell Austins in Japan under the Austin name.

A30 Seven

wb: 6ft 7½in 4 cyl.
803 cc
28 bhp
Saloon 4-dr Seven  


Austin A30 Model AS3 Saloon started its production run in October 1951. Of conventional layout it features an 803-cc 28-bhp, OHV Four engine, four-speed gearbox, hypoid-bevel final-drive, coil-spring IFS and semi-elliptic leaf-spring rear suspension, and is the first Austin to use the chassisless integral construction format. It sold at £529 and is designated Austin Seven.

A40 Devon

wb: 7ft 8½in 4 cyl. ohv
1200 cc
40 bhp
- discontinued
Saloon 4-dr Devon  
Estate Countryman  
Van GV2  
Pick-up GOU2  



A40 Somerset

wb: 7ft 8½in 4 cyl. ohv
1200 cc
42 bhp
- new model
Saloon 4-dr Somerset - February
Estate Countryman  
Drophead Coupé Somerset - September


Austin A40 Somerset Model GD5 Drophead Coup é joined the saloon in August 1952. It have similar dimensions to the saloon except that the overall height is slightly less. The top could be used in three positions, i.e. fully raised, 'Coupé de ville' or stowed behind the rear seat. The rear quarter windows could be swivelled down into the body sides. The top is operated manually on this model, although power operation is available at extra cost. Built by Carbodies.

Austalian (?) different year (?)

A40 Sports

wb: 7ft 8½in 4 cyl. ohv
1200 cc
46 bhp



A70 Hereford

wb: 8ft 3in 4 cyl. ohv
2199 cc
67 bhp
Saloon Hereford  
Drophead Coupé   - discontinued in July
Estate Countryman  


A70 – April advert.

Austin A70 Hereford Model BD3 Drophead Coup é look much like its A40 counterpart but is larger. Built by Carbodies it was discontinued in July.

New Zealand advert.

A90 Atlantic

wb: 8 ft 4 cyl. ohv
2660 cc
88 bhp
Sports Saloon   - discontinued


Introduced in 1948 A 90 and made initially in drop head form as a Dollar earner, it was a resounding flop across the Atlantic with many cars brought back home. This engine formed the basis of the Healey 100 introduced in 1952.

A125 Sheerline

  wb: 6 cyl. ohv
3993 cc
125 bhp
Saloon 9ft 11¼in A125  
Limousine 11ft 0in A125  


A 125 Limousine

A135 Princess II

  wb: 6 cyl. ohv
3993 cc
135 bhp
Saloon 9ft 11¼in II  
Saloon 11ft 0in II  
Limousine 11ft 0in II - new model


Princess II
The first of the Austin Princess Limousines was exhibited at Earls Court in 1952 and the first two production models were purchased by her Majesty the Queen.

Princess Limousine




The production of the Truck 1/4 Ton 4x4 CT was given to Austin Motor Company in 1951 with the Contract 6 VEH 5531 by the British Army, signed on 1 August 1951 for 15000 vehicles. The probuction is located in the factory at Cofton Hackett near Birmingham.
Champ is also available for civilian market.