Classic Car Catalogue

Austin 1945

Sixteen - new model

Great Britain

Post-war production of the 8, 10, 12 and 16 HP Saloons started in August 1945.
Austin Ten, as well as Eight and Twelve, were reintroduced with various improvements. Many of the changes are a result of wartime modifications to the Ten Light Utility which had been in almost continuous production during 1941-44. Basically, however, all three cars are much the same as in 1939/40.


wb: 7ft 4½in 4 cyl. sv
900 cc
24 bhp
Saloon 8  


8 Saloon (this is Morris!)


wb: 7ft 9¼in 4 cyl. sv
1125 cc
32 bhp
Saloon 10  


10 Saloon – February advert.


wb: 8ft 8½in 4 cyl. sv
1535 cc
40 bhp
Saloon 12  




wb: 8ft 8½in 4 cyl. ohv
2199 cc
58 bhp
Saloon 16  


Austin Sixteen, Model BS1, is new in the Company's post-war programme. This car is basically the same as the Twelve (HS1), but instead of a 1535-cc side-valve engine it has a new 2199-cc overhead-valve unit with an output of 58 bhp at 3700 rpm. The RAC rating is 15.99 HP. Automatic reversing light, built-in hydraulic jacks and heater are standard equipment on the Sixteen.