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Austin 1937

Big Seven - new model in July
Light Twelve-Four  
Light Twelve-Six - discontinued
Sixteen - discontinued
Eighteen - discontinued
Eighteen - new model in July

Great Britain

April advert

July advert


Open Road Tourer  
New Ruby Saloon Fixed Roof  
New Ruby Saloon Sliding Roof  
Pearl Cabriolet  
Nippy Two-Seater Sports - discontinued
Ditto with sports engine  



Seven 'Grasshopper'

Seven Ruby Saloon

Seven 65 Nippy

Big Seven

wb: 87½ in.
(2222 mm)
4 cyl.
900 cc
25 bhp
7.99 HP
Fixed head Saloon    
Sliding head Saloon `  




    4 cyl.
1125 cc
32 bhp
9.99 HP
Cambridge Saloon Fix head    
Cambridge Saloon Sliding head    
Conway Cabriolet    


Austin Ten is available as Saloon, named Cambridge and Cabriolet, named Conway. The latter is similar to the saloon, except that the roof portion could be rolled back from windscreen to boot. They have a 21-bhp 1125-cc side-valve engine and four-speed gearbox. With the exception of the 7 HP models, all Austin cars have pressed steel spoke wheels ('easy clean' type). Ten models have 5.25-16 types; the similar looking but larger Twelves and Fourteens have size 5.75-16.

Ten Cambridge Saloon – November advert


  wb: 106 in.
(2692 mm)
4 cyl.
1535 cc
11.9 HP
Ascot Fixed head Saloon        
Ascot Saloon        
Ascot Cabriolet        






Austin Fourteen Series FR, is in production from August 1936. It have a 1711-cc six-cylinder side-valve engine, four-speed gearbox, 9 ft 3 3/4 in wheelbase and 5.75-16 ELP (extra low pressure) tyres. In September 1937 an aluminium cylinder head was introduced.






  wb: 127 in.
(3226 mm)
6 cyl.
3400 cc
57 bhp
23.4 HP
Mayfair Limousine    
Mayfair Landaulette    





  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
19-20.06.1937 24h Le Mans 3 3 0 55 Seven Petre / Mangan fail.
          56 Seven Goodacre / Buckley fail.
          57 Seven Dodson / Hadley fail.

Austin Seven 'Grasshopper' 748 cc (Charles Dodson / Bert Hadley) at Le Mans.