Classic Car Catalogue

Austin 1936

Ten-Four - discontinued
Ten - new model
Light Twelve-Four - discontinued
Twelve-Four - new model in August
Light Twelve-Six  
Fourteen - new model in August

Great Britain

It is stated that the demand for Austin cars is five times as great as that of a year ago, and that a big speed-up in production at the Longbridge factory has been begun. The Austin Export Department also reports record contracts. Six new body presses are being installed, ranging up to 500 tons, and additional body assembling lines are already in full operation. Two new finishing lines have also been laid down, making a total of seven, to provide a production capacity of 60 vehicles an hour. The Longbridge factory employs 19,000 workers at present, and will probably soon employ about 25,000. Further extensions to the works are being made.
October '36

Stand at Olympia-Show in London.


wb: 6 ft 9 in 4 cyl. sv
747.5 cc
12 bhp
7.8 HP
Ruby Saloon  
Ruby Fixed Head Saloon  
Pearl Cabriolet  
Open Road Tourer  
Opal Two-Seater  
Nippy Sports Two-Seater  


Austin Seven was continued from 1935 with only detail modifications.
In October Ruby Mk II and the splash-lubricated crankshaft with two bearings changed to three.

Seven Tourer

Seven Nippy


  wb: 93 in.
(2362 mm)
4 cyl. sv
1125 cc
20 bhp
9.9 HP
4 cyl. sv
1125 cc
30 bhp
9.9 HP
- discontinued
Lichfield Saloon      
Lichfield Fixed Head Saloon      
Colwyn Cabriolet      
Ripley Sports Tourer      
Open Road Tourer      
Clifton Two-Seater      
Sherborne Saloon     - January ⇒ August


The Austin Ten range for 1936 is updated with the Lichfield having hydraulic shock-absorbers instead of the friction type. The price of the Lichfield went up by just £3, although the fixed-head saloon is kept at its old price, while the tourer version is increased by £6 to £158, Sports and cabriolet versions are unaffected. Lichfield and the Colwyn cabriolet have small changes by the adoption of a swept roof line in conjunction with a new design of windscreen. Austin Ten-Four Lichfield Saloon looks much like the Seven Ruby but has four doors and is larger with one foot more wheelbase and overall length. It has an 1125-cc (63.5x89 mm) 20-bhp L-head Four engine, rated at 9.9 HP. Body style variants includes the Colwyn Cabriolet, Clifton Two-seater and Ripley Sports.
In January 10/4 Sherborne was introduced with streamlined rear body. It is 7 in longer that the Lichfield and have an extra window on the side. Some of the features are: the flush sunshine roof which could be locked at any position from closed to a maximum opening, the rear seat being flanked by arm rests, doors have built-in door locks. The rear seat is slightly deeper than in the Lichfield and the front seats are larger. The new car cost £178 in this form and the equivalent Lichfield was reduced to £168. Cheaper version was introduced later: a Fixed head cost £162 10s, having leathercloth seats and lacking bumpers and interior visor. At the same time the Lichfield version was reduced to £152 l0s. Sherborne stayed in production only till August.

10 Sherbourne Saloon

10 Sherbourne Saloon

10/4 Colwyn Drophead Coupé


  wb: 93¾ in.
(2381 mm)
4 cyl.
1125 cc
32 bhp
9.99 HP
- new model in December
Cambridge Saloon Fix head    
Cambridge Saloon Sliding head    
Conway Cabriolet    


Cambridge Saloon

10 Cabriolet (October)

Light Twelve-Four and Twelve-Six

  wb: 8 ft 10 in. 4 cyl.
1535 cc
28 bhp
11.9 HP
6 cyl.
13.9 HP
6 cyl.
1711 cc
35 bhp
15.9 HP
- discontinued
Ascot Saloon 12-4 12-6 12-6  
Ascot Fixed Head Saloon 12-4 12-6 12-6  
Open Road Tourer 12-4 12-6 12-6  
Eton Two-Seater 12-4 12-6 12-6  
Kempton Sports Saloon - 12-6 12-6  


Austin Twelve engine has a 28-bhp 1535-cc side-valve Four, rated at 11.9 HP. Four Ascot De Luxe Saloon costs £208 and has sunshine roof and leather upholstery as standard equipment (unlike the £188 fixed-head model).

16 Ascot Saloon, also available on 14 and 12 chassis.


  wb: 8 ft 10 in. 4 cyl.
1535 cc
28 bhp
11.9 HP
Ascot Saloon 12-4      
Ascot Fixed Head Saloon 12-4      
Open Road Tourer 12-4      
Eton Two-Seater 12-4      


On 11 August 1936 Austin announced a major update for 1937 with the engine being moved forward on the chassis to improve passenger space. Other improvements includes an adjustable steering column and the windscreen wipers being moved to the scuttle from the top of the screen.


    1711 cc      



Sixteen and Eighteen

swb: 9 ft 4 in.
lwb: 10 ft
  6 cyl.
2249 cc
15.9 HP
6 cyl.
2510 cc
43 bhp
17.9 HP
Chalfont Saloon with division
York Saloon
Hertford Saloon
Westminster Saloon Four-Light -


18 York Saloon


  wb: 127 in.
(3226 mm)
6 cyl.
3400 cc
57 bhp
23.4 HP
Mayfair Limousine    
Mayfair Landaulette    


Twenty Mayfair Landaulette
The Twenty is Austin's largest car, with 11 ft 4 in wheelbase and 57.5-bhp 3.4-litre six-cylinder engine, rated at 23.5 HP. It features Girling brakes and Jackall hydraulic jacks.

    4 cyl. 2ohc
750 cc
90 / 116 h.p.
at 7600 rpm