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Audi 1972

60 / 75 - ost. rok
100 Coupé S
- lipiec


Nowy model 80 został zaprezentowany w lipcu a w sprzedaży pojawił się we wrześniu. Na razie dostępny jest tylko dwudrzwiowy sedan. Wersja czterodrzwiowa zapowiadana jest na początek przyszłego roku.
AUDI 80 £1,150-1,500 APPROX.
Cuckoo in the VW nest. An important addition to the Audi range, this new 1300 model is being built partly at Wolfsburg and is widely tipped as the basis for a future VW model. Up-to-date design includes new water-cooled engine with belt-driven overhead camshaft, front-wheel drive, strut-type suspension all round and steering layout that combats swerves after punctures by a clever modification of the MacPherson struts.
AUDI 100 GL £2,475
Latest and fastest version of the stylish front-drive saloon that makes Audi one of the pacesetters in the VW group. Its high compression engine is that of the 100 S sports Coupé. Identifying features are the four headlamps, vinyl-covered roof, centre console, tachometer and special upholstery with front head restraints. Rubber-faced bumpers, illuminated glove box and cigarette lighter are included.
AUDI 100 S Coupé £2,475
Since its debut in 1969 engine power has been reduced from 115 to 112 (one carburetter instead of two) on this roomy front-drive Coupé. Automatic transmission is now available. Four headlamps give good light for fast night cruising and a big boot holds enough luggage for long trips. Mechanical parts and some body pressings are from the Audi 100 GL saloon which help to keep costs down.

London show review

60 and 75

60 / 60 Variant (R4 cyl, 1496 cm³, 55 PS) - discontinued
75 / 75 Variant (R4 cyl, 1696 cm³, 75 PS) – discontinued


75 L

75 Variant


100 L (R4 cyl, 1760 cm³, 85 PS)
100 LS (R4 cyl, 1760 cm³, 100 PS)
100 GL (R4 cyl, 1871 cm³, 112 PS)
  Limousine 2-dr, 4-dr
100 Coupé S (R4 cyl, 1871 cm³, 112 PS)



80 / 80 L (R4 cyl, 1297 cm³, 55 PS) – new model
80 S / LS (R4 cyl, 1471 cm³, 75 PS) - new model
80 GL (R4 cyl, 1471 cm³, 85 PS) - new model

80 GL