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ATS 1963

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GTS 2500        


ATS GT 2500

On the ATS stand is the new lightweight GTS competition version of the rear-engined Coupé first shown at Geneva earlier this year. Its 2 ½-litre vee-8 engine, with four double-choke Webers bridging the vee, is said to produce 245 b.h.p. net. Allemano is responsible for the body, which is much improved internally by deletion of the Centre division or console.
(Turin report)

ATS, or Automobili Turismo Sport, was founded in 1962 to produce both road cars and to compete in formula one. Several personnel were ex-Ferrari, including the famous Carlo Chiti. The first road car, the 2500GT, came out in 1963 whilst in Formula one they took over the Serenissima team which was in financial trouble.
The first and last ATS production road car, the 2500GT was an alloy bodied, two seat, mid-engined sports car. Powered by a twin-cam V8 displacing 2467cc and producing 220bhp, it was equipped with a five speed gearbox and disc brakes all round. The tubular steel space frame chassis used double wishbones and coil springs on all four corners and was clothed by a body from Allemano.
n aluminium bodied version with an extra 40bhp, known as the GTS, was also offered.
Later, Volpi (one of the backers of the failed Serenissima team) reappeared and provided the backing to produce some 2500GT cars as Serenissima's, fitted with a quad-cam V8, but success was never attained.