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Aston Martin 1978

AM V8 s.3 – discontinued in October (1973-78 - 967 ex.)
AM V8 s.4 – Birmingham

Great Britain

The convertible Volante was introduced in June. It has flatter bonnet seen also on the series 4 Coupé.
In April, almost two years after its introduction, the first Lagonda was delivered to customer.


AM V8 and Vantage

wb: 2610 mm V8 cyl.
5340 ccm
305 bhp
V8 cyl.
5340 ccm
380 bhp
Coupé V8 Vantage
Cabriolet Volante -

V8 series 3

ASTON MARTIN VOLANTE Price to be announced
Based on the Aston Martin V8 saloon, the Volante is a convertible which owes its being to repeated requests from USA dealers for such a model. The name 'Volante' was last used by the manufacturer some eight years ago, but for the moment the new version is for North America only. The Volante will be a very exclusive car for production is limited to three a week, but it is possible British enthusiasts may be supplied next year. The 130 mph Volante is available with five-speed manual gearbox, or with fullyautomatic transmission. A 0-60 'mph figure of seven seconds is claimed with either transmission.
There is a new bonnet line for the latest Vantage, and within the body of Aston Martin's 165 mph-plus model, there is new polished wood veneer similar to the Volante, and the headlining is in leather. A new central console incorporates a cigar lighter, and the ventilation/heating controls are illuminated for the first time. Exhaust system is in stainless steel. The Vantage is claimed to be the world's fastest-accelerating car (0-100 mph in about 13.6 seconds) and its stablemate the 'V8' also gets the same rear spoiler for 1979. There may be a super-fast Aston as a last-minute surprise at the Birmingham Motor Show!





wb: 2916 mm V8 cyl.
5340 ccm
280 bhp

Almost a space-ship, Aston Martin's four-door saloon carries the proud Lagonda name, and is powered by an identical 5.3-litre four ohc V8 to the two-door Aston Martins. Wheelbase of the highly-aerodynamic, arresting Lagonda is longer than the two-door Astons, and internal space and comfort are mind-boggling. There are of course, electric windows, centralised door-locking and touchbutton controls, but one of the most exciting features of the 150 mph limousine is its digital instrument panel which hasn't a needle in sight. All information is read-out in coloured display, and a touch of a button changes mph to km/h.




Entries and results:
24h Le Mans 11.06.1978 Entrant: Results:
#       gen. category class
70 AM V8 Preece / Hamilton Hamilton dns GTP+3.0 -    

Aston Martin V8 Turbo, chassis #RHAM/001, engine: Aston Martin 5.340 cc. (Robin Hamilton / David Preece) by Robin Hamilton for 24h Le Mans.