Classic Car Catalogue

Aston Martin 1973

Vantage – discontinued (1972-73 - 71 ex.)
AM V8 – discontinued (1972-73 - 288 ex.)
AM V8 s.3 – new model in autumn

Great Britain



wb: 2610 mm R6 cyl.
3995 ccm
325 bhp
Coupé Vantage



wb: 2610 mm V8 cyl.
5340 ccm
315 bhp
V8 cyl.
5340 ccm
310 bhp
Coupé V8 V8 s.3

AM V8 series 3

The exclusive 160 m.p.h. luxury car continues with important changes for 1974, including a change from fuel-injection to Weber double-choke carburettors. The new fitting has been standardised in the interests of lowering exhaust emissions as much as possible. New sound-insulation has been adopted which result in normal voice conversations being possible at 140 m.p.h., and there is an automatic door-locking device for the passenger-side door, controlled by a switch on the driver's armrest. Luggage boot capacity has been increased by the use of a simpler-shape fuel tank.

AM V8 series 3