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Aston Martin 1961

Great Britain

DB 4
DB 4 GT Touring
DB 4 Drophead Coupé – new model
DB 4 GT Zagato – new model

DB 4 Vantage

DB 4 Cabriolet


DB4 Convertible was introduced in the autumn of 1961 and it is slightly larger than the saloon

Aston Martin DB 4 GT Zagato
An impressive two-seater Coupé body designed and constructed by Zagato in Milan and mounted on the DB4 GT chassis. The engine output of 302 bhp at 6000 rpm and the car's overall light weight gave it superb performance.

Aston Martin DB 4 GT Jet Bertone
But rarest of them all is the DB 4 GT "Jet" model which left the Bertone studios in Italy in early 1961. It was to remain a one-off show car which was presented first at the 1961 Geneva Salon. It was an elegantly styled Coupé without racing aspirations and slightly reminiscent of contemporary Ferrari road cars. It lacked the masterpiece quality of the Zagato bodied DB 4 GTs but still was a pleasure to look at. The car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who later started his own, now famous, studio named "Ital Design". Unlike all other DB 4 GT cars this one had an all steel body (instead of aluminum) which was slightly more heavy. It featured the 3.7 litre straight 6-cylinder GT engine, producing 297 hp @ 5750 rpm, enough for a top speed close to 240 kph.

24h Le Mans 10.06.1961 Entrant: Results:      
#   chassis     gen. class      
1 DB4 GT Zagato #0180/L Kergueden/Dewes J.Kerguen fail. -      
2 DB4 GT Zagato #0182/R Fairman/Consten Essex Racing Team fail. -      
3 DB4 GT Zagato #0183/R Davison/Stillwell Essex Racing Team fail. -      
4 DBR 1/300 #4 Salvadori/Maggs Essex Racing Team dnf -      
5 DBR 1/300 #3 Clark/Flockhart Border Reivers fail. -      

Le Mans.