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Armstrong Siddeley 1956

Great Britain

Sapphire 346 (R6, ohv, 3435cc, 120/150bhp)
  saloon – wb-9'6''
  limousine – wb-11'1''
Sapphire 234 (R4, ohv, 2290cc, 120bhp)
  saloon – wb-9'3''
Sapphire 236 (R6, ohv, 2309cc, 85bhp)
  saloon – wb-9'3''

Sapphire 236


Following in the wake of the successful 3 ½-Litre Sapphire (renamed Sapphire 346) Sapphire 234 and 236 Saloons sharing a completely new body and chassis but has different engines-four-cylinder, 2290-cc (234) and six-cylinder, 2309-cc (236)-plus various other differences. The body features deep windows and a bonnet line that slopes sharply down to a traditional type radiator grille.

Dignity has long been associated with the products of this firm, whether intended to be owner- or chauffeur-driven. New at last year's Show, the Sapphire 234 and 236 (the suffix 4 or 6 indicating a four- or six-cylinder 2.3-litre engine) remain unchanged this year, except that the 236 is now available with a synchromesh gear box with central gear change lever, as an alternative to the Manumatic transmission. The 234 has a synchromesh gear box and central change. Both the 234 and 236 are similar in outward appearance, but different in character.
The large Sapphire 346, in saloon or limousine form, may have fully automatic transmission or synchromesh gear box or (on the limousine only) Pre-selectic gear box. The 346s can be supplied with power steering, adjustable ride control and power operated windows.

(London report, October '56)

Sapphire 346

346 Limousine