Classic Car Catalogue

Armstrong Siddeley 1953

 Great Britain

Hurricane 18 HP (R6, ohv, 2309cc, 75bhp) – ost rok
Whitley 18 HP (R6, ohv, 2309cc, 75bhp) – ost.rok
Sapphire 3.4 litre (R6, ohv, 3435cc, 120bhp)(saloon – wb-9'6'')

Whitley Six Light Saloon



Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 346 Saloon is available with either a four- or six-light body. This luxuriously furnished five/six-seater features a six-cylinder 3.4-litre 120-bhp engine, a four-speed synchromesh or electrically-operated preselector gearbox, coil spring and wishbone IFS, a built-in heating/demisting and air-conditioning system, fog lamps and a reversing lamp. The two body styles-identical except for the window arrangements-havs long sweeping front wings running to meet fully-spatted rear wings, yet retains the traditional radiator grille. The earlier Whitley and Hurricane models are continued.




Sapphire 6-light Saloon

Sapphire 4-light Saloon