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Armstrong Siddeley 1947

Great Britain

Hurricane 16 HP (R6, ohv, 1991cc, 70bhp; dhc, wb-9'7'')
Lancaster 16 HP (R6, ohv, 1991cc, 70bhp; saloon, wb-9'7'')
Typhoon 16 HP (R6, ohv, 1991cc, 70bhp; fhc, wb-9'7'')

Typhoon – December advert

Lancaster – October advert.



Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster 16 HP four-door six-light Saloon is in production from late 1946. Other body styles on the same 9 ft 7 in wheelbase chassis are the Hurricane Drophead Coupé (also from November 1945) and the Typhoon two-door Saloon (from August 1946). The model names are those of famous aircraft produced during the war by the Hawker Siddeley combine. Prices range from £1247 to £1272.