Classic Car Catalogue

Alvis 1951

Great Britain

TA 21 3-Litre (sports saloon, drophead Coupé) (6 cyl., 2993 cc, 86 b.h.p.; wb 111.5 in)
TB 21 3-Litre Sports (sports tourer) (6 cyl., 2993 cc, 90 b.h.p.; wb 111.5 in)


The Alvis TA 21 3-Litre is the first all new Alvis to be produced after World War II. The centre section of the body is carried over from the earlier TA 14 with minor changes but the engine and luggage compartments are new and accounted for the extra length. The front doors remain rear hinged. Separate seats are fitted at the front and in the rear is a bench seat with fold down centre armrest. Leather trim is used. The saloon bodies are made for Alvis by Mulliners in Birmingham. The 2,993 cc engine is new and produce 83 bhp fitted with a single Solex carburettor. Suspension is independent at the front using coil springs with leaf springs at the rear. 11 in drum brakes using a Lockheed system are used, the first use of hydraulic operation by Alvis. A saloon version tested by The Motor magazine in 1952 had a top speed of 88.7 mph and could accelerate from 0-60 mph in 15.5 seconds. A fuel consumption of 19.5 miles per imperial gallon was reCorded. The test car cost £1,945 including taxes.

Alvis Three Litre Drophead Coupé is a two-door Tickford-bodied companion to the Saloon. Featuring similar styling, this attractive Coupé have a top that could be either folded flat down or positioned so that only the peak furled, in Coupé-de-ville fashion.

A Sports model (TB 21 ) is also available. It have similar lines to the model it replaced-the much maligned 1.9-litre (TB 14) Sports. Alvis had previously contracted A. P. Metalcraft, a Coventry coachbuilder, to produce the TB 14 two door open car body to fit on the TA 14 chassis. With the replacement of the TA 14 by the larger TA 21 in 1950, AP were asked to modify their design for the new running gear. The TB 21 dropped the controversial grille used on the TB 14 in favour of the traditional Alvis one. The doors, rear hinged, are heavily cut away at the top and the windscreen could be folded flat. The 2993 cc engine is slightly modified to produce 90 bhp with a single SU carburettor replacing the Solex one used on the saloon. The TA 21 suspension is retained, independent at the front using coil springs with leaf springs at the rear. As the car is lighter than the TA 21 the final drive ratio was changed from 4.09:1 to 3.77:1 helping to increase the top speed and improving economy. The car could reach 95 mph but was very expensive at £1,598 on the home market.


Three Litre (TA 21)

DHC Tickford

Drophead Coupé by Tickford

Three Litre Sports TB 21