Classic Car Catalogue

Alpine-Renault 1979

A-310 coupé 2+2
wb: 2270 mm
2664 cm³
150 ch (DIN)


Introduced in 1971 the Alpine A-310 was intended as a successor to the famous A-110 berlinette but it never fitted into that role. Instead, after being fitted with a V6-cylinder engine it become a fine sports car often referred to as a French Porsche. In the autumn of this year it gained a long awaited 5-speed gearbox. With the price-tag at 82,000 Francs it is the most expensive French car.
The limited edition A-310 Gr 4 appeared at the Paris show in October. It is distinguished by large deflectors and special 15-inch Michelin tyres. Fitted with two triple carburettors the engine develops 245 b.h.p., at 7.200 rpm. It costs some 40,000 Francs more than the standard version.

A 310 Groupe 4