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Alpine-Renault 1977

A-110 – discontinued in July  


In July, after 15 years, the career of the Alpine A-110 came to end. This remarkable model was first introduced in 1960 as the A-108 powered by a 0.9-litre Renault Dauphine engine. Two years later it become the A-110. Since then the car has undergone countless modifications with engine size growing up to 1.1, 1.3, 1.6-litre and even 1.8-litre in competition version. The peak of its career came in 1973, when it won the World Rally Championship. From 1962 7,176 A-110's were made in France. It was also built under licence in Brazil, Mexico, Bulgaria and it is still made in Spain.
The 4-cylinder engine on the A-310 was discontinued in the beginning of the year. With the new V6-cylinder all-light-alloy unit the car become even more luxurious and expensive. In October its price was 79,600 Francs - 18 thousand more than the Peugeot 504 V6 coupé. Introduced in its current form at the Paris show in October last year it is a very fine car indeed. It has new headlights, new wheels, a front spoiler, larger air intake, rear spoiler, new rear lights, more comfortable seats, better upholstery, modified dashboard.



wb: 2100 mm 4cyl.
1674 cm³
95 ch (DIN)
berlinette 1600 SX




wb: 2270 mm 4cyl.
1647 cm³
95 ch (DIN)
– end
2664 cm³
150 ch (DIN)
coupé 2+2    



  V6 cyl. 2849 cm³ 270ch
A-442 V6 cyl. turbo 1996 cm³ 2.795 cc.


Critérium des Cévennes 1st Fréquelin-Delaval A-310 V6
Critérium Neige et Glace 1st Fréquelin-Delaval A-310 V6
Entries and results:
  Targa Florio 15.05.1977 Entrant: Results:
#       gen. category class
102 A-110     ?
103 A-110 Carrotta / Bruno   6th GT 1.6 1st
111 A-110     8th GT 1.6 2nd
112 A-110 Pasolini / Triboldi   49th GT 1.6 5th
119 A-110 Daverio / Galmozzi   31st GT 1.6 4th
125 A-110 amerix / Cappello   17th GT 1.6 3rd
24h Le Mans 12.06.1977 Entrant: Results:
#       gen. category class
7 A-442 Tambay/Jaussaud Renault Elf fail. S+2.0 -    
8 A-442 Laffite/Depailler Renault Elf fail. S+2.0 -    
9 A-442 Jabouille/Bell Renault Elf fail. S+2.0 -    
16 A-442 Arnoux/Pironi/Fréquelin de Chaunac fail. S+2.0 -    
87 A-310 Decure/Thérier/"Cochise" B.Decure fail. GTP -    

#8 Renault Alpine A442, chassis #A442/2 (Patrick Depailler / Jacques Laffite) by Equipe Renault Elf at 24h Le Mans.

#9 Renault Alpine A442, chassis #A442/3 (Jean-Pierre Jabouille / Derek Bell) by Equipe Renault Elf at 24h Le Mans.

#7 Renault Alpine A442, chassis #A442/1 (Patrick Tambay / Jean-Pierre Jaussaud) by Equipe Renault Elf at 24h Le Mans.

#16 Renault Alpine A442, chassis #A442/0 (Didier Pironi / Rene Arnoux / Guy Fréquelin) by Equipe de Chaunac at 24h Le Mans.

Alpine A 310, engine: Renault 2664 cm³ (Bernard Decure Jean-Luc Thérier Cochise) by Bernard Decure at 24h Le Mans.

Alpine Renault A 110 (Alberto Carrotta / Orazio Bruno) at Targa Florio.

With the new engine the A-310 has finally enough power to become the true successor to the famous berlinette. So far it follows the exact steps winning many local rallies this year and becomes the 1977 French Rally Champion.



A-310 by Meyrignac

Meyrignac –prototype (Geneva)        


Exhibited in March at the Geneva Motor Show this fibreglass coupé was built on the A-310 chassis by the French stylist Meyrignac. The one-piece body has no traditional doors and the entire roof lifts to give access to the passenger compartment.