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Alpine-Renault 1974



After receiving support from Renault, Jean Rédélé's financial worries came to end. Régie Renault become the majority shareholder and has no reason to regret the agreement. They can put their name next to the last year's World Rally Champion in advertising campaigns.
Not much has changed within the Alpine model range. The A-110 1600 received the light-alloy wheels from the A-310. They are optional on the 1300. A new, removable panel on the rear makes access to the engine much easier. Push buttons replaced door handles on all models. A new option 1600 SI with fuel injection was introduced in March at the Geneva Motor Show.
On the A-310 the ventilation slots in the bonnet has moved forward. The Bosch fuel injection become standard.
Production of the berlinette dropped this year from 652 to 622 and the A-310 from 655 to 437.
The factory in Thiron-Gardais was closed in August.

Paris Motor Show in October saw the berlinette with new, more angular bumpers.



wb: 2100 mm 4cyl.
1289 cm³
72 ch (DIN)
1605 cm³
125 ch (DIN)
4cyl. inj.
1605 cm³
127 ch (DIN)
berlinette 1300 1600 SC 1600 SI


1300 at Paris Motor Show in October 1973.

1600 SC

1600 SI



wb: 2270 mm 4cyl., inj.
1605 cm³
127 ch (DIN)
coupé 2+2  





2nd Tour de Corse   A-110 1800 Nicolas
3rd Tour de Corse   A-310 Thérier
Entries and results:
 Targa Florio (09.06.1974) Entrant: Results:
 (not complete list)   gen. class category
#52 A-110 Rampa/Fassina        
#53 A-110 Schon/vagabondo        
#55 A-110 Arnaud/Sanson        
#58 A-110 Cangemi/king        
#71 A-110 Caliceti/Monti        
#72 A-110 Fioravanti/Spataro        
#78 A-110 Barraja/Bellavia        
#82 A-110 Barraco/Bordonaro        
#122 A-110 Consolo/Cucinotta        
#132 A-110 Casiglia/Marino        

3rd Rallye internazionale di Sicilia.

Tour du Maroc

Ferruccio Caliceti's and Paolo Monti's Alpine Renault A 110 during training at Targa Florio.