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Alpine 1973



Exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in October last year the 1973 A-110 models have lost the little side indicators which were located between the front wheel arch and the door. The smallest model is now called the "1300". In March the 1600 S received a larger 1605 cm³ engine and rear suspension adopted from the A-310. This new version is called "1600 SC". The "1600 S grupe IV" is only available to special order and it is intended for amateurs who want to participate in World Rally Championships.
The A-310 gained a wing mirror on the driver's door. In March at the Geneva Motor Show a new version 1600 SI was introduced with a fuel injection system instead of a carburettor fitted to the engine, but this is intended for export only.
The 1974 models were introduced in October at the show in Paris. The A-110 has new wheels from the A-310 and no door handles which have been replaced with push-buttons. The Bosch fuel injection on the A-310 becomes standard and the ventilation slots on the bonnet have been moved forward.

Despite great sports results, Alpine's financial situation continues to deteriorate.This is caused by the costly development of the new A-310, which is having a difficult start and falling sales of the ageing berlinettes. At the beginning of June 1973, this worrying situation led Jean Rédélé, the boss of Alpine, to sign an agreement with Renault. They would inject capital and become the principal shareholder of the Dieppe brand. From now on, the cars will be called Renault-Alpine.

1,307 units produced in 1973 (655 coupes A-310 and 652 berlinettes A-110)



wb: 2100 mm 4cyl.
1289 cm³
72 ch (DIN)
1565 cm³
125 ch (DIN)
– end
1605 cm³
125 ch (DIN)
– March
1596 cm³
155 ch (DIN)
– end
1796 cm³
175 ch (DIN)
– new
4cyl. inj.
1605 cm³
127 ch (DIN)
– March
berlinette 1300 1600 S 1600 SC 1600 S
groupe IV
1600 S
groupe IV
1600 SI


1300 - October '72

1600 S - October '72

1600 S groupe IV - October '72

1600 SC model '74



wb: 2270 mm 4cyl.
1605 cm³
127 ch (DIN)
– end
4cyl., inj.
1605 cm³
127 ch (DIN)
– March
coupé 2+2   1600 SI


A-310 model '74 at Paris Motor Show in October.




1st Monte Carlo #18 Andruet-Biche A-110 1800
2nd Monte Carlo   Andersson A-110 1800
3rd Monte Carlo   Nicolas A-110 1800
3rd Swedish Rally   Thérier A-110 1800
1st Rallye de Portugal   Thérier A-110 1800
2nd Rallye de Portugal   Nicolas A-110 1800
1st Rallye du Maroc   Darniche A-110 1800
1st Acropolis Rally   Thérier A-110 1800
3rd Acropolis Rally   Nicolas A-110 1800
2nd Österreichische Alpenfahrt   Darniche A-110
1st Rallye Sanremo   Thérier A-110
2nd Rallye Sanremo   Nicolas A-110
1st Tour de Corse   Nicolas-Vial A-110 1800
2nd Tour de Corse   Piot A-110
3rd Tour de Corse   Thérier A-110
1st World Rally Championship
Entries and results:
 Targa Florio 13.05.1973 Entrant: Results:
 (not complete)   gen. class category
#100 A-110 1300 Barillaro/Fasce        
#125 A-110 1800 Paleari/Schon        
#153 A-110 1600 Trombotto/tony        
#162 A-110 1600 Ramoino/Davico        
#177 A-110 1300 Rombolotti/Ricci        
#178 A-110 1300 poker/Fasan        
#179 A-110 1300 Caliceti/Monti        
#183 A-110 1300 Bordonaro/iccudrac        
#184 A-110 1300 Vacca/duccio        
#186 A-110 1300 Marchiolo/Spatafora        

Organised for the first time this year the World Rally Championship was won by Alpine. This event consists of thirteen rallies and Alpine took part in ten of them winning six and taking second and third place on the podium nine times giving them a total score of 155 points, far ahead of Fiat with 89 points and Ford with 76.


A 110 1600 (Romano Ramoino - Renato Davico) at Targa Florio.

A 110 1300 ("poker" - Aldo Fasan) at Targa Florio.

A 110 1300 (Gianni Vacca - "duccio") at Targa Florio.