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Alpine 1971

A-310 – March  


For 1971 the berlinette Tour de France has a front bumper without indicators which have been moved higher and are now much more visible. Light alloy wheels are standard on all versions except for the "85". Both 1300S and 1600S models have the radiator located in the front with the air intake under the bumper. Prices announced at the Paris Motor Show in October last year start from 22.520 F for the "85" and climb up to 31.760 F for the 1600S.
The Compétition model is available on special order for 47.100 Francs. Intended for participating in Group IV rallies this version has a powerful, light alloy engine developing 172 bhp (SAE) at 7000 rpm with compression ratio 11.25:1 and two horizontal Weber carburettors. Blue metallic paint, fog lights, passenger bucket seat, headrests, additional 80-litre fuel tank are on the list of optional equipment.
Just a few weeks after a spectacular victory at the famous Rallye Monte Carlo, the all new Alpine A-310 was presented to the press on 8th of March by Jean Rédélé himself in front of the new factory built in Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles in 1969. Work on this 2+2 coupé began three years ago. J. Rédélé employed a team of reputable engineers who developed a modern looking compromise between comfort and performance. Powered by 1.6-litre Renault R16 engine the new car has polyester laminate body with an unusual six headlight array and louvred rear window. This last feature didn't pass the legal requirements and had to be removed on production vehicles. The official launch took place at the Geneva Motor Show. Production began in the summer and the first deliveries took place in the autumn.
The Paris Salon in October saw a simplified range of the A-110 with wing mirrors as standard equipment and different front indicators. The 1300G and 1300S were discontinued in September.
The company sold 1136 cars this year.



wb: 2100 mm 4cyl.
1289 cm³
81 ch (SAE)
1255 cm³
103 ch (SAE)
1296 cm³
132 ch (SAE)
1565 cm³
138 ch (SAE)
1565 cm³
172 ch (SAE)
berlinette "85" 1300 "G" 1300 S 1600 S Compétition


1600S Compétition at Paris Motor Show in October.





wb: 2270 mm 4cyl.
1605 cm³
140 ch (SAE)
127 ch (DIN)


Jean Rédélé presents the new Alpine A-310 to the press.

The A-310 remains faithful to the technical principles of the berlinettes A 110 with a central beam chassis and a rear engine. The front and rear suspension inherits an experimental solution from the 24 Hours Le Mans prototypes. The brake system uses four discs, ventilated at the front and normal at the rear.

Alpine A-310 at the show in Geneva.




1st Monte-Carlo Andersson-Stone A-110 1600
2nd Monte-Carlo Thérier-Callewaert A-110
3rd Monte-Carlo Andruet-Vial A-110
1st Sanremo-Sestriere Andersson-Nash A-110 1600
1st Österreichische Alpenfahrt Andersson-Hertz A-110 1600
1st Acropolis Rally Andersson-Hertz A-110 1600
2nd Acropolis Rally Nicolas-Vial A-110 1600
1st Coupe des Alpes Darniche A-110 1600
1st Critérium des Cévennes Darniche-Mahé A-110 1800
2nd Rajd Polski Hubáček-Rieger A-110 1600
1st International Championship for Manufacturers
Entries and results:
 Targa Florio (16.05.1971) Entrant: Results:
#       gen. class category
113 A 110 Klauke/Schuller   dns - -
114 A 110 Nesi/Lucarelli   dns - -
115 A 110 Capra/Lepri   32nd 23rd - GT 3rd - up to 1300
117 A 110 Colombo/Tandoi   acc. - -
118 A 110 Ramoino/Trenti   fail. - -
119 A 110 Mantia/Jacono   fail. - -

A 110 (Girolamo Capra - Angelo Lepri) at Targa Florio.