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Alpine 1969

  wb: 4cyl.
1108 cm³
66 ch (SAE)
1255 cm³
105 ch (SAE)
1296 cm³
120 ch (SAE)
1565 cm³
92 ch (SAE)
berlinette TdF 2100 mm 1100 1300 1300 S 1600
cabriolet 2100 mm 1100 1300 - -
coupé GT4 2270 mm 1100 1300 - -


Presented in October last year, the modernized Berlinette Tour de France has larger headlights with new shaped covers. Additional iodine lamps are now standard equipment. The cars have wider tires and widened wheel arches. The side trim strips has changed shape. As a result of redesigning the rear suspension, the engineers managed to provide more space inside. These changes apply to all models with the exception of the 1100. The engine range has been limited to four and the 1500 has been replaced by the 1.6-litre from the Renault R16 TS.
This year Alpine doubled its production. The company produced 639 copies of the Berlinette (76 pcs. of 1100, 361 pcs. of 1300 and 202 pcs. of 1600), and 20 convertibles and coupes GT4. Both the cabriolet and coupé GT4 were discontinued in the summer.
At the same time the production was moved to a new 13,000 m² factory built in Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles, in the heart of an industrial area near Dieppe. This modern unit employs 350 people. In addition there are 75 workers who continue in the workshops in Thiron-Gardais which was opened in 1967.

Zaprezentowany w październiku ubiegłego roku, zmodernizowany berlinette Tour de France ma większe reflektory z osłonami o nowym kształcie. Dodatkowe lampy jodowe stanowią teraz wyposażenie seryjne. Zastosowano szersze opony i poszerzono błotniki. Boczne listwy ozdobne mają zmieniony kształt. W wyniku przekonstruowania tylnego zawieszenia udało się wygospodarować więcej miejsca we wnętrzu. Zmiany te dotyczą wszystkich modeli z wyjątkiem 1100. Oferta silników została ograniczona do czterech a sinlik 1500 zastąpiony został przez jednostkę o pojemności 1,6 litra z Renault R16 TS.
W tym roku Alpine podwoiło produkcję. Bramy fabryki opuściło 639 egzemplarzy berlinette (76 szt. 1100, 361 szt. 1300 i 202 szt. 1600) oraz 20 kabrioletów i coupé GT4, których budowa latem została zaniechana.

Berlinette Tour de France 1100


Berlinette Tour de France 1600

Coupé GT4

A 110 z hiszpańskiej montowni Renault.


Models 1970

wb: 2100 mm 4cyl.
1289 cm³
81 ch (SAE)
1255 cm³
103 ch (SAE)
1296 cm³
132 ch (SAE)
1565 cm³
102 ch (SAE)
1565 cm³
138 ch (SAE)
berlinette TdF "85" 1300 "G" 1300 S 1600 1600 S


The only visible difference between 1969 and 1970 models is this little logo.


Rallye A-110 1440 cm³        
  A-110 1470 cm³ 2ohc      
  A-110 1608 cm³        
Prototypes A-220 2996 cm³        
  A-210 1296 cm³        
  A-210 1470 cm³        
  A-210 1470 cm³        


1st Rallye des Routes du Nord #10 1440 Vinatier-Callewaert
1st Rallye Lyon-Charbonnières/Stuttgart-
  1440 Vinatier-Callewaert
1st Critérium Alpin   1300 Andruet
1st Rallye de Lorraine #145 1600 Andruet-Écot
1st Critérium des Cévennes   1600 Vinatier-Jacob
1st Coupe des Alpes #25 1440 Vinatier-Jacob
Entries and results:
Entrant: Results:
        gen. class category

This Alpine prototype made its debut at Critérium des Cévennes in November

Entries and results:
  24h Le Mans 15.06.1969 Entrant: Results: Index:
#   chassis #     gen. class perf. eff.
28 A-220 2996 cm³ 1737 Vinatier-de Cortanze Alpine fail. - - -
29 A-220 2996 cm³ 1736 Depailler-Jabouille Alpine fail. - - -
30 A-220 2996 cm³ 1734 Grandsire-Andruet Alpine fail. - - -
31 A-220 2996 cm³ 1731 Nicolas-Therier Alpine fail. - - -
45 A-210 1470 cm³ 1726 Killy-Wollek Alpine ret - - -
46 A-210 1470 cm³   Le Guellec-Tramont Savin-Calberson fail. - - -
49 A-210 1296 cm³   Foucteau-Compain Trophée Le Mans Alpine fail. - - -
50 A-210 1005 cm³   Serpaggi-Ethuin Alpine 12th 1st prot.1.0-1.15 1st 4th
69 A-210 1470 cm³     Ecurie Léopard dns - - -

For the traditional tests at Le Mans in the spring Alpine brought seven prototypes and one GT car. Nothing has changed among the four-cylinder A-210 range of 1005 and 1300 cm³. The 1500 cm³ engine gained a fuel injection which raised the power output to 155 bhp. The three eight-cylinder A-220's have more aerodynamic bodies but the engines are the same as last year, developing a mere 310-315 bhp.
For the race in June the Alpine team lined-up eight vehicles.
Only one of them managed to cross the finishing line winning the performance index. Repeating technical problems are beginning to harm the firm reputation. Jean Rédélé decided to leave racing and concentrate on rallies.


Alpine A 220/69, chassis #1734, engine: Renault 2996 cm³ (Jean-Claude Andruet / Henri Grandsire) by Société des Automobiles Alpine at 24h Le Mans.

Alpine A 220/69, chassis #1737, engine: Renault 2996 cm³ (Jean Vinatier / André de Cortanze) by Société des Automobiles Alpine at 24h Le Mans.

Alpine A 210, engine: Renault 1005 cm³ (Alain Serpaggi / Christian Ethuin) by Société des Automobiles Alpine.The only Alpine that finished the24h Le Mans.

Alpine A 210, chassis #1726, engine: Renault 1470 cm³ equipped with fuel injection (Jean-Claude Killy Bob Wollek) by Société des Automobiles Alpine at 24h Le Mans.