Classic Car Catalogue

Allard 1956

Great Britain

Palm Beach Mk II (R6, 2553cc, 90 bhp / 3442cc, 190 bhp)(wb 8ft 0in)
J 2 R (V8, 5420cc, 270 bhp)(wb 8ft 0in) 

Palm Beach Mk II


One of the few British firms ever to win the Monte Carlo Rally, Allards, since their days as builders of trials specials, have concentrated upon high performance cars. Two basic models are to be produced this year, production having ceased on the Monte Carlo Saloon, Safari Estate Car and the K3 Tourer. These are the new Palm Beach, designated the Mark II, and the J2R which, with a tuned 5 ½ litre Cadillac engine, is intended primarily for export; the Palm Beach is available with either the 3 ½ litre Jaguar engine, 4 speed gearbox or the 2 ½ litre Ford Zephyr unit with 3 speed gearbox. Both models have a new front suspension and steering layout, and the Palm Beach has 12in hydraulic brakes and alternative axle ratios to suit the 3 ½ litre Jaguar unit or the fast touring requirements of owners who choose the Ford engine.
Neither of these cars can be said to be "in production." Both are produced to customers' orders and, to a limited extent, can be built to suit their requirements.

(London review, October '56)


F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
  1000 km Buenos Aires 29.01.1956 (round 1) Results:
#       Entrant: gen. class
49 J2 Cadillac   Bruno / Bruno   9th S+3.0 2nd