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Alfa Romeo 1978

Alfasud Sprint
Alfetta GT/GTV


We wrześniu GTV 2000 L o mocy 130 KM. Limitowana seria "Clover Limited Edition" z aluminiowymi kołami z tradycyjnym symbolem koniczynki o mocy 140 KM.
Facelift modeli Alfasud.
Alfasud Sprint z silnikiem 1,5 litra, 83 KM.



Alfasud  B4 cyl., 1186 cm³ 63 cv Berlina 4-dr wb: 2455 mm  
Super B4 cyl., 1186 cm³   Berlina 4-dr wb: 2455 mm  
Super B4 cyl., 1286 cm³ 68 cv Berlina 4-dr wb: 2455 mm - discontinued
Super B4 cyl., 1350 cm³   Berlina 4-dr wb: 2455 mm - new model
Super B4 cyl., 1490 cm³   Berlina 4-dr wb: 2455 mm - new model
ti  B4 cyl., 1186 cm³ 68 cv Berlina 2-dr wb: 2455 mm - discontinued
ti 1.3 B4 cyl., 1286 cm³ 76 cv Berlina 2-dr wb: 2455 mm - discontinued
ti B4 cyl., 1350 cm³ 79 cv Berlina 2-dr wb: 2455 mm - May
ti B4 cyl., 1490 cm³ 85 cv Berlina 2-dr wb: 2455 mm - May
Giardinietta B4 cyl., 1186 cm³ 63 cv Estate 3-dr wb: 2455 mm  
Giardinietta B4 cyl., 1350 cm³   Estate 3-dr wb: 2455 mm - new model
Giardinietta B4 cyl., 1490 cm³   Estate 3-dr wb: 2455 mm - new model

In May 1978 the ti got new engines, a 79 bhp 1,350 cc and a 85 bhp 1,490 cc, both with a twin-choke carburettor. At the same time it received cosmetic updates (bumpers from the Super, new rear spoiler on the boot lid, black wheel arch extensions and black front spoiler) and was upgraded to the revised interior of the Super. The 1.3 and 1.5 engines become soon available alongside the 1.2 on the Giardinetta and Super, with a slightly lower output compared to the sport models due to a single-choke carburettor.

ALFASUD SUPER 1.3 £3,100
Four-door model in the Alfasud range has had a five-speed gearbox as standard for a little more than a year, but recently the size of the lively water-cooled, horizontally-opposed engine has been increased from 1.2 to 1.3 litres. With such a specification the neat saloon has a sports car performance. Made in AlfaRomeo's huge and highly-automated plant in southern Italy, the Alfasud Super has brilliant roadholding and powerful disc brakes on all four wheels. The engine has two overhead camshafts, and front wheel drive is employed. A useful feature is the bootlid release lever in the front of the car—no locking required.
ALFASUD 1.5ti £3,500
Sporting two-door Alfasud now has the option of two larger engines, 1350 and 1500 cc. The 1286 cc engine has been discontinued, but the 1350 cc engined model keeps its '1.3' designation, while the larger-motored version becomes the ti 1.5. The 1350 has three more horsepower than the older model, and a top speed of 102 mph. The 1.5 is good for 106 mph, and in spite of higher gearing has improved acceleration. Higher gearing on both models results in lower fuel consumption and quieter running. The upmarket Alfasud Sprint is also powered by the new 1.5-litre engine, and has increased performance and flexibility.

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Alfasud 1.5 ti


1,3  4 cyl., 1357 cm³  95 cv  
1,6  4 cyl., 1570 cm³ 109 cv  
  Berlina wb: 2510 mm  

Just available in Britain, Alfa-Romeo's latest, the Giulietta, revives an old name but is a very modern saloon. The new Giulietta utilises Alfetta suspension and running gear, and the five-speed gearbox, like the Alfetta is rear-mounted to balance weight distribution. Wedge-shaped four-door bodywork assists with high-speed downforce, and the shape lends itself to a deep, capacious luggage boot. In the Alfa-Romeo tradition the light-alloy four-cylinder engine has twin overhead camshafts and is notable for massive torque as well as healthy power-output at high rpm. Seats are luxurious and there is a quartz digital clock.

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1.6 4 cyl., 1570 cm³ 109 cv  
1.8  4 cyl., 1779 cm³ 122 cv  
2000 4 cyl., 1962 cm³ 122 cv - discontinued
2000L 4 cyl., 1962 cm³ 130 cv - July
  Berlina wb: 2510 mm    


Giulia Nuova Super

Super 1.3 4 cyl., 1290 cm³ 89 cv - discontinued
Super 1.6 4 cyl., 1570 cm³ 102 cv - discontinued
  Berlina   wb: 2510 mm    


Alfasud Sprint

Sprint  B4 cyl., 1286 cm³ 76 cv - discontinued
1.3 B4 cyl., 1350 cm³ 79 cv - May
1.5 B4 cyl., 1490 cm³ 85 cv - May
  Coupé wb: 2455 mm    

In May the Alfasud Sprint underwent its first updates, both cosmetic and technical. Engine choice is enlarged to two boxers, shared with the renewed Alfasud ti, a 79 bhp) 1.3 and a 85 bhp) 1.5. The earlier 1286 cc units is not offered anymore, remaining exclusive to the Alfasud. Outside many exterior details has changed from chrome to matte black stainless steel or plastic, such as the wing mirrors, window surrounds and C-pillar ornaments; the B-pillar also received a black finish, the side repeaters changed position and became square, and the front turn signals switched from white to amber lenses. In the cabin the seats has more pronounced bolsters and are upholstered in a new camel-coloured fabric.


Alfetta GT and GTV

GT 1.6   1570 cm³, 108 cv  
GTV 2000   1962 cn³, 130/140 cv  
  Coupé wb:    



1600 Junior 4 cyl., 1570 cm³, 110 cv  
2000 Veloce 4 cyl., 1962 cm³, 132 cv  
    Roadster   wb: 2250 mm    

2000 Spider Veloce Niki Lauda special edition.