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Alfa Romeo 1939

6C 2300 - ost.rok
8C 2900 B - ost.rok. Powstało 36 szt. typów A i B.
6C 2500 - nowy model


The 8C 2900B was based on the 8C 2900A sports racing cars and was built as "Corto" (short wheelbase), "Lungo" (long wheelbase) and "Le Mans" version. Only 10 Lungo-versions were built between 1937 and 1939 of a total of 43. Three of Italy's finest coachbuilders provided Coupé and convertible bodies for the 2900B, Carrozzeria Touring, Stabilimenti Farina and Pinin Farina. Touring produced only five Coupé bodies on the 2900B Lungo.
The 2500 Coloniale is a special version of 6C, for the highest military authorities and government. The car was designed by the request of the Italian Ministry of Defense in 1938 for use in the Italian colonies in Africa. Two prototypes of the model Alfa 6C 2500 Coloniale were manufactured by Alfa Romeo in 1939. The car have two spare wheels, a fuel tank of 120 liters and four additional reserves with a capacity of 70 liters of gasoline. In addition, the differential can be locked from the dashboard by the driver.
Alfa Romeo made 372 cars this year.

Coloniale przeznaczony jest do służby we włoskich koloniach. Wyposażony jest w pięć zbiorników paliwa, mogących pomieścić łącznie 190 litrów paliwa. Napęd przenoszony jest na tylną oś.

6C 2300

6C 2300B Corto - discontinued
6C 2300B Lungo - discontinued
6C 2300 Mille Miglia - discontinued

8C 2900


8 C 2900 B (stare samochody 216)

8 C 2900B Spider Aerodinamica

8C 2900B Spider Aerodinamica

8 C 2900 B Touring spider (automobiles classiques 93-126.133)

8 C 2900 B Berlinetta Touring (automobiles classiques 93-101)

8 C 2900 B (ruiz-37)

6C 2500

6C 2500 Turismo - new model
6C 2500 Sport - new model
6C 2500 Super Sport - new model
6C 2500 Coloniale (R6 cyl, 2443 cm³, 87 KM) - new model

6 C 2500

6 C 2500 Coloniale (akwarela Konrada Majkowskiego)

6 C 2500 Turismo (retroviseur)

6 C 2500 Turismo (archiwum kolor)

6C 2500SS

316 (16 cyl, 2958 cc, 440 bp; 110.2 in) (3 ex.)
308 (8 cyl, 3.0 l,)
158 (8 cyl, 1.5 l,)

European Championship GP entries:
 Belgian GP 25.06.1939   Results:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen.    
10 316 Giuseppe Farina Giuseppe Farina failure    
12 308 Raymond Sommer Raymond Sommer 4th    
 French GP 09.07.1939   Results:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen.    
2 308   Alfa Corse dna    
4 308   Alfa Corse dna    
6 308   Alfa Corse dna    
2 308 Raymond Sommer Raymond Sommer 5th    
4 308 Luigi Chinetti Christian Kautz 8th    
res. 308 Christian Kautz Christian Kautz dns    
6 308 Yves Matra Christian Kautz dnf    
 German GP 23.07.1939   Results:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen.    
22 308 Raymond Sommer Raymond Sommer failure    
 Swiss GP 20.08.1939   Results:
No. Model Driver Entrant gen. class  
20 308 Raymond Sommer Raymond Sommer dna Grand Prix -
32 Tipo B 3.0 Kenneth Evans Kenneth Evans 11th Grand Prix ?
64 158 Giuseppe Farina Alfa Corse 7th Voiturette 1st
66 158 Clemente Biondetti Alfa Corse 9th Voiturette 2nd

Alfa Romeo Tipo 308. French GP Reims. Raymond Sommer.

Pos. Race No. Model Drivers
1st GP Antwerp   412 Farina
2nd GP Antwerp   412 Sommer
2nd GP du Centenaire   412 Biondetti
1st Coppa Acerbo     Biondetti
2nd Coppa Acerbo     Pintacuda
3rd Coppa Acerbo     Farina
1st Coppa Ciano     Farina
3rd Coppa Ciano     Biondetti/Pintacuda
1st Targa Abruzzo   2500SS Raghetti/Rangoni
2nd Targa Abruzzo   2500SS Pintacuda/Severi
3rd Targa Abruzzo   2500 Leonardi/Dei
3rd Tripoli GP     Villoresi
Other races:
Race: Best res.:
GP Antwerp 21.05.1939 1st
GP du Centenaire 04.06.1939 2nd
 24h Le Mans 17-18.06.1939 failure
 Targa Abruzzo 15.08.1939 1st

Le Mans.

Tipo 412