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Aero / Jawa 1947

Aero 30 2 cyl, 2 stroke, 998 cm³, 30 k.s. - discontinued (1934-47 - 7964 ex.
Minor II 2 cyl, 2 stroke, 615 cm³, 20 k.s.  


Auto June 1947
AutoDecember 1947
Auto November 1947

Aero Minor at Prague Motor Show in September.

Aero 30



The first racing car came out from Jinonice in 1947. Its engine has a special cylinder block casting, allowing greater bore of 77 mm. The capacity rose to 745 cm³ with 80 mm stroke. This engine with the Amal carburetor gives 32 bhp. The gearbox is almost the same as on the standard saloon but the rear transverse spring are replaced by torsion bars.
The aluminium full-width body has completely covered rear wheels. Maximum speed is around 140 km per hour.
The yellow car was succesfuly driven by I. Hodac in the 12-hours race on autodrome Linas-Montlhéry, finishing 2nd and setting a new lap record in its class.
Only one prototype was made.