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Italian GP Monza

Italian Grand Prix
7 September 1930


Motor SportOctober 1930
The competitors were divided into classes according to cylinder capacity, and each class had to run in a separate heat over 14 laps of the new Monza circuit, which comprises part of the track proper and part of the old " road " circuit, the total distance covered being 100 kilometres, or just over 60 miles. The first four in each heat were then qualified, so long as they had averaged more than 68 m.p.h., to run in the final which took place over 35 laps of the circuit, a total of 150 miles. As there were thus four heats as well as the final, it is hardly surprising that the racing which started at 10 o'clock in the morning lasted till dusk, and the spectators, who had been arriving since the early hours of the morning should certainly have felt that they had got their money's worth. The entry list was a good one including works teams from Alfa-Romeo and Maserati, and numerous more or less amateurs on Bugattis, Talbots, Mercedes, Duesenberg and other racers.
The rules provided that one extra heat could be run to allow the best of those who had been knocked out to get into the final
(heat 2). As fate had excluded two of the Alfa Romeos this method of including them was next resorted to, and five cars were lined up for the extra heat, two of which were to qualify for the final.
The last of the preliminaries was the heat for the 1100 c.c. machines. This class also had to cover 14 laps of the circuit, a total of 60 miles, and only the first two home were eligible for the final. Fifteen starters presented themselves for this heat.
Entries and results:
No.   Driver: Car: Model Engine: Entrant: Class: Heat 1: Heat 2: Final:
    Etancelin Bugatti       1.5-2.0 1st - 6th
    Max Fourny Bugatti       1.5-2.0   - dnq
  Von Morgen Bugatti       1.5-2.0 2nd - dnf
    Tabacchi Bugatti       1.5-2.0   - dnq
    Minozzi Bugatti       1.5-2.0 4th - 4th
    Avattaneo Bugatti       1.5-2.0   - dnq
    Brivio Talbot   8cyl. 1500 c.c.   1.5-2.0   - dnq
    Biondetti Talbot   8cyl. 1500 c.c.   1.5-2.0   - dnq
    Sartorio Maserati   8cyl. 2-litre   1.5-2.0   * dnq
    Pedrazzini Maserati   8cyl.   1.5-2.0 3rd - dnf
    Borzacchini Alfa-Romeo P2     2.0-3.0 2nd - dnf
    Guiseppe Campari Alfa-Romeo P2     2.0-3.0 8th 1st or 2nd dnf
    Tazio Nuvolari Alfa-Romeo P2     2.0-3.0 5th 1st or 2nd dnf
26   Varzi Maserati 26M 8cyl. 2400 c.c.   2.0-3.0 4th - 1st
30   Arcangeli Maserati 26M 8cyl. 2400 c.c.   2.0-3.0 1st - 2nd
    Fagioli Maserati   8cyl. 2400 c.c.   2.0-3.0 3rd - 5th
    Lehoux Bugatti   2,300 c.c.   2.0-3.0 7th dnf dnq
    Burggaler Bugatti   2,300 c.c.   2.0-3.0   - dnq
    da Farra Bugatti   2,300 c.c.   2.0-3.0 6th * dnq
    Stefanello Bugatti   2,300 c.c.   2.0-3.0   - dnq
28   Ernesto Maserati Maserati V4 2x8cyl. 4000 c.c.   3.0-8.0 1st - 3rd
  Elbert "Babe" Stapp Duesenberg       3.0-8.0 3rd - 8th
52   Rudolf Caracciola Mercedes SSK 7-litre   3.0-8.0 2nd - 7th
54   Federico Caflisch Mercedes SSK 7-litre   3.0-8.0 4th - 9th
    Ruggeri Itala       3.0-8.0   - dnq
    Klinger Maserati   8-cyl.   1.1-1.5 3rd - dnq
    Zanelli Maserati   8-cyl.   1.1-1.5 4th - dnq
    Bisighini Maserati   8-cyl.   1.1-1.5   - dnq
64   Macher D.K.W. rwd 1.0   1.1-1.5 9th - dnq
72   Simons D.K.W. rwd 1.0   1.1-1.5 8th - dnq
    Premoli Salmson       1.1-1.5 1st - dns
    da Caroli Salmson       1.1-1.5   - dnq
    Pratesi Salmson       1.1-1.5   - dnq
    Clerici Salmson       1.1-1.5   - dnq
82   Gerardi Amilcar       1.1-1.5 10th - dnq
98   Scaron Amilcar       1.1-1.5 2nd - 10th
88   Dourel Amilcar       1.1-1.5 5th - dnq
    Brieri Lombard       1.1-1.5   - dnq
    Plate Lombard       1.1-1.5   - dnq
    Carneval Rally       1.1-1.5   - dnq
Motor SportOctober 1930