J.C.C. Double-Twelve

J.C.C. Double-Twelve
10 May 1930
Entered: 65
Started: 59
Finished: 30
Classified: 27

Great Britain

Entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model: Engine: Entrant: Position: Class: Position:
94 F. Burt / Edwards Austin 7   E. Burt nc H  
92 A. Frazer Nash / Poppe Austin 7 (s) H. Austin nc H  
93 Barnes / Barnes Austin 7 (s) H. Austin dnf H  
91 A. C. R. Waite / The Earl of March Austin 7 747 c.c. H. Austin 07th H 1st
80 Miss V. Worsley / D. G. Foster MG Midget 847 c.c. V. Worsley 20th G 7th
76 C. J. Randall / F. M. Montgomery MG Midget 847 c.c. C.J. Randall 15th G 4th
  R. R. Jackson / W. Townend MG Midget 847 c.c. C.J. Randall 18th G 5th
  G. Roberts / A. A. Pollard MG Midget 847 c.c. C.J. Randall 18th G 5th
75 H. H. Stisted / N. Black MG Midget 847 c c. H.H. Stisted 14th G 3rd
81 Ivins / Hearne MG Midget     ? G  
15 L.G. Callingham / Parker MG Six Tigress   H.D. Parker dnf D  
  J. L. Stapleford Riley 9   E. Martin dnf G  
  E.J. Kehoe / W. Blackwell Riley 9 1,089 c.c. E.J. Kehoe 21st G 8th
  Frank Ashby Riley 9   F.H. Ashby dnf G  
83 C. R. Whitcroft / H. C. Hamilton Riley 9 1,089 c.c. C.R. Whitcroft 03rd G 1st
  Mrs. E. M. Scott / E. M. Thomas Riley 9 1,089 c.c. E.M. Scott 06th G 2nd
  A.S. Watt Fiat     S. Watt dnf G  
    Salmson   (s) A.F.P. Agabeg dnf G  
  Vernon Balls Amilcar 6 (s) V. Balls dnf G  
  A. V. Wilkinson Amilcar   (s) A.V. Wilkinson dnf G  
  Count G. Lurani / K. Thom Alfa-Romeo 6C 1500 tf 1,487 c.c.   05th F 2nd
  A. Mariuoni / Kaye Don Alfa-Romeo 6C 1500 tf 1,487 c.c. Cecil Randall 17th F 5th
45 J. R. Jeffress / R. Warde Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 1,487 c.c. (s) J.R. Jeffress 12th F 4th
  Outlaw / Stephenson Alfa Romeo 6C 1500     dnf F  
  Methley / Olive Alfa Romeo 6C 1500     dnf F  
    Alfa Romeo       dnf F  
  B. Ivanovsky / G. E. T. Eyston Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS 1,750 c.c. (s) F.W. Stiles 08th E 1st
52 Hendy / Hodder Lea Francis   (s)   dnf F  
  L. P. Discoll / C. W. G. Lacy Lea Francis Hyper S 1,496 c.c. (s) L.P. Driscoll 11th F 3rd
  Chetwynd / Bertram Lea Francis   (s)   dnf F  
  Allan-Arnold / Llewellyn Lea Francis   (s)   dnf F  
  G. E. Took / A. M. C. Jameson Lea Francis   1,496 c.c. (s) G.E. Took 27th F 9th
    Lea Francis   (s) G. Hendy dnf F  
64 S. D. Marr / J. A. Gregoire Tracta   1,498 c.c. Automobiles Tracta 25th F 8th
61 A. C. Bertrlli / N.C. Holder Aston Martin   1,493 c.c. A.C. Bertelli 04th F 1st
62 Bezzant / Gunter Aston Martin       dnf F  
63 Burnett / Gardner Aston Martin International   Ms. D. M. Burnett dnf F  
  Whitehouse / Miller Aston Martin     S.C. Whitehouse dna F  
  C. Penn-Hughes / Miss Penn-Hughes Frazer Nash Boulogne 1,496 c.c. H.J. Aldington 21st F 6th
65 H. J. Aldington / D. A. Aldington Frazer Nash   1,496 c.c. H.J. Aldington 24th F 7th
34 Mrs. Bruce / Bruce Alvis Silver Eagle 1,991 c.c. T.G. John 13th E 3rd
30 C. Paul / H. W. Purdy Alvis Silver Eagle 1,991 c.c T.G. John 16th E 4th
  Leon Cushman Alvis     T.G. John dnf E  
    AC     A.J. Mollart dnf E  
  J. W. Nash SARA     J.W.H. Nash dnf E  
  Brian Lewis OM   (s) L.C. Lawrence dna E  
35 D.R. Sharman / T. E. Stone Lagonda   1,954 c.c. A.H. Cranmer 09th E 2nd
  Mike Couper Lagonda       ?    
12 T.E. Rose-Richards / O. Saunders Davies Lagonda 3 Litre 2,931 c.c. A.H. Cranmer 26th D 2nd
40 Sharman / Stone Lagonda     A.H. Cranmer dnf D  
11 Eddie Hall / Frank King Lagonda 3 Litre 2,931 c.c. A.H. Cranmer dnf D  
  Heal / Hayes Lagonda       dnf    
  William 'Bummer' Scott Austro Daimler     W.B. Scott dnf D  
25 M. Campbell / Earl Howe Bugatti T43 2.300 c.c. (s) E.J. Kehoe 23rd D 1st
5 Jack Dunfee / Glen Kidston Bentley 4½ Litre (s) D. Wyndham Paget dnf C  
4 Birkin / Chassagne Bentley 4½ Litre (s) D. Wyndham Paget dnf C  
6 Dr Dudley Benjafield / Andre d'Erlanger Bentley 4½ Litre (s) D. Wyndham Paget dnf C  
10 M.O. de B. Durand / T.K. Williams Bentley 4½ Litre   M.O. de B. Durand dnf C  
2 Woolf Barnato / P. C. Clement Bentley Speed 6 6,597 c.c W. Barnato 01st B 1st
3 S. C. H. Davis / C. Dunfee Bentley Speed 6 6,597 c.c. W. Barnato 02nd B 2nd
22 Wolfe / Rabagliati Talbot AO90   A.W. Fox acc C  
21 Hebeler / Ellison Talbot AO90   A.W. Fox acc C  
20 J S Hindmarsh / Hon Max Aitken Talbot AO90   A.W. Fox withdrawn C  
  Campbell / Newman Mercedes-Benz SS 7,068.5 c.c. (s)   dna B  
s = supercharged

Class H: 500 c.c. up to 750 c.c.
Class G: 750 c.c. up to 1,100 c.c.
Class F: 1,100 c.c. up to 1,500 c.c.
Class E: 1,500 c.c. up to 2,000 c.c.
Class D: 2,000 c.c. up to 3,000 c.c.
Class C: 3,000 c.c. up to 5,000 c.c.
Class B: 5,000 c.c. up to 8,000 c.c.

M.C. Midget (G. Roberts and A. A. Pollard, 1,389 miles; R. R. Jackson and W. Townend, 1,389 miles ; and C. J. Randall and F. M. Montgomery, 1,444 miles).
For best performance on chuassis-price clasification.
A. C. R. Waite and the Earl of March, Austin (chassis price £190).
A. Frazer Nash, Austin (1,153.65 miles), and F. Burt, Austin (695.85 miles), were still running at the end of the 24 hours.