Bol d'Or

Bol d'Or
8-9 June 1930
Saint Germain
24 hour race for small cars up to 1100 cc.


Entries and results:
No.   Driver: Car: Engine: Entrant: Position: Class: Position:
    Christe Villard     19th C350 2nd
    Boudry S.C.A.P.     20th S1.1 6th
    Huberdreau D'Yrsan     21st S1.1 7th
    Anthony Anthony 350   17th R350 1st
    Louis Gaston Rosengart 750   13th R750 1st
    Martin Martin Spéciale     14th R1.1 6th
    Delorme Delorme Spéciale     16th R1.1 7th
    Onufrowski Villard     24th C500 2nd
  Sacha Gordine Sacha JAP   dnf C500 dnf
    Armand Girod Donnet Spéciale     dnf R1.1 dnf
    Druck Clément-Rochelle Ruby L4   dnf R1.1 dnf
    Treunet B.N.C.     dnf   dnf
    de Latour D'Yrsan     dnf C750 dnf
    Poulet Sandford 1100   dnf   dnf
    Lejeune B.N.C.     dnf   dnf
    Ufa Tracta     12th S1.1 5th
    Vernet Caban Special   Giraud-Cabautons 05th R1.1 4th
    Vallon La Licorne     06th S1.1 2nd
    Violet Huascar     08th S750 1st
  Maurice Benoist Caban Special   Giraud-Cabautons 04th R1.1 3rd
  Yves Giraud-Cabantous Caban Special   Giraud-Cabautons 01st R1.1 1st
    Manuel Sirejols B.N.C.     02nd S1.1 1st
  Roger Labric Caban Special   Giraud-Cabautons 03rd R1.1 2nd
    Berthelon Berthelon Spécial     23rd R500 1st
    R. Clément Clément-Rochelle Ruby   09th S1.1 4th
    Violette Morris Violette-Morris Ruby   10th R1.1 5th
    Mare Chauvierre Rosengart 750   11th S750 2nd
    Alin Adrien Spéciale     07th S1.1 3rd
    Dugué Duguesclin 350   22nd R350 2nd
    Annino Annino JAP   15th C500 1st
    Roger Leroy Royal Sport     18th C350 1st
    Meuet Meuet 1100        
      Sima-Violet 500     R500  
    Cheret Jack Sport          
    Gordine Sacha Jap 500        
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