Classic Car Catalogue

ZAZ (ЗАЗ) 1960

965 (V4 cyl, 748 cm³, 23 KM)


The prototypes of the new Russian baby car, originally called the Communard, had a flat four engine very similar to that of the VW but accessibility was not ideal and on very bad roads it became clogged with mud, so the production version, now called the Zaporozhets has a new fan-cooled V4 engine-of 748 c.c, giving 20 b.h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m. To overcome the balance problems inherent in a V4, the balance weights on the crankshaft are supplemented by weights on the ends of a contra-rotating shaft running at engine speed inside a hollow camshaft, which runs as usual at half engine speed.
The lubrication system includes an oil cooler and a centrifugal filter inside the fan pulley. Engine weight is given as 155 lb. Transmission is through a four-speed gearbox with the top three speeds synchronised. Front suspension is by trailing arms and transverse laminated torsion bars, semi-trailing single wishbones being used with coil springs at the rear. Construction necessary to stand up to bad roads is reflected in a car weight of 1,3201b. and ground clearance is nearly 8 in.

Zaporożskij Awtomobilnyj Zawod to nowe zakłady zbudowane w Zaporożu na Ukrainie. Rozpoczęto tam produkcję najmniejszych radzieckich samochodów osobowych. Koncepcja konstrukcyjna i stylizacja nadwozia zbliżona jest do Fiata 500 i 600. Czterocylindrowy silnik został umieszczony z tyłu i napędza tylne koła. Jest to jednostka widlasta (90°) chłodzona powietrzem o mocy 23 KM.

The first car was assembled on 22 November and by the end of the year they produced about 1500 units.