Wolseley 1933

Great Britain

Hornet Special 12
Sixteen - nowy model
21/60 - nowy model 

Hornet Special Saloon. Car shown features Trinity body by Meredith of Birmingham.

Hornet Special Roadster


Wolseley offers Hornet 12 HP, Sixteen and 21/60 models. This is the first year for Wolseleys to have their traditional illuminated radiator badge.
Hornet, like all other models, has a six-cylinder engine with overhead camshaft. It has a cubic capacity of 1271 cc (57x83 mm). With Saloon bodywork it costs £198 10s. Wolseley Hornet Special is a twin-carburettor variant of the standard Hornet and is available only in chassis form, for £175. Its engine develops 40 bhp at 5000 rpm, compared with 35 at 4500 for the standard model. Both has 7 ft 6 ½ in wheelbase.
Wolseley 21/60 is available with two wheelbase sizes, 9 ft 9 in and 10 ft 7 in. Both has a 2677-cc six-cylinder OHC engine, rated at 20.93 HP. The four-speed gearbox has a lockable freewheel. Short chassis has hydraulic brakes and 5.50-18 tyres. The long-wheelbase chassis has vacuum-servo brakes and 6.00-20 tyres.

21/60 Drophead Coupé on the short chassis.

Nine - October



After the tremendous success of the Hornet this new “Nine” is bound to be one of the cars that “one must see” at Olympia. Each year the Motor Show has one or two outstanding models which win special comment. Last year it was the Hornet; this year the special features, delightful line and wonderful performance will make the new Wolseley “Nine” also one of the “Show cars” of Olympia.


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
21-25.01.1933 Rallye Monte Carlo 2   0 80 Hutchens / Blackwell   acc.