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Wikov 1930

7/28 4 cyl, 1478 cm³, 28 k.s.  
7/28 Supersport 4 cyl, 1478 cm³, 40 k.s.  
35 4 cyl, 1743 cm³, 35 k.s. - new model in October
70 8 cyl., 3486 cm³ - new model in October


Pestrý týden - Prague Motor Show report October 1929
"Wichterle and Kovarik" cars called Wikov have neatly designed 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, overhead-valve engines with 66 mm bore and 108 mm stroke, giving a capacity of 1.5 litre and 30 bhp. The engine is mounted as a unit with a gear box on three points. Fuel consumption is 7 to 8 kg of petrol and 0.25 kg of oil per 100 km. The chassis frame is pressed from a special steel and reinforced with five cross-members. The leaf-springs are half-elliptical at the front and rear, with a length of 1.180 mm. The track width is 1.250 mm and the wheelbase is 2.790 mm. The low frame reduces the center of gravity.
Wikov at the 1930 Prague Motor Show.

Wikov is a relatively young car manufacturer, which is part of the Wichterle & Hovaiik company. The "Wikov 7/28" engine has over-head valves with camshaft in the cylinder head, pistons and connecting rods of special aluminum alloys. It delivers 32 brake horse power fom only 1 ½ litre capacity. Another characteristic of this vehicle is the extensive use of aluminum alloys to achieve a low weight. The head and the block are made of light metal. High engine performance and the low weight of the car guarantee great speed, lively acceleration, and low fuel consumption. For the neaxt year this very well-proven type "Wikov 7/28" gained a Lockheed hydraulic brakes just like all the other types. Another improvement is the new, statically and dynamically balanced propeller shaft with fully enclosed Hardy joints.
The new four cylinder "Wikov 35", has a 72 mm bore and 107 mm stroke engine, giving a 1.74 liter capacity.
The engine of the new 8-cylinder "Wikov 70" has the same bore and stroke and uses many components of the "35". These are, in particular, complete pistons, connecting rods, timing gears, valves, rocker arms, chain and other. Unlike two smaller engines with thermosyphon cooling a water pump is used for the eight cylinder. The elegantly designed radiator is equipped with manually controlled blinds. The timing drive is located at the rear so that it does not suffer from torsional crank distorsion, which is, in addition, minimized by a damper located on the front of the crankshaft. Ignition is a battery, the dynamo is located on the side of the engine and shares its drive with water pump and air compressor for tires. The carburetter is a double Zenith type U that can be easily dismantled. The suction pipe is preheated by a branch from the exhaust pipe.
The clutch is dry, disc, enclosed in a casing that connects the motor and the three-speed gear-box. The whole unit is placed on rubber pads at three points. The rear axle drive has a patented worm gear that allows a very low floor and low center of gravity.
At the show the company exhibited its entire range. Two Wikov "35" models: the 4-seater open tourer with sweeping lines with a modern curved low body, while yellow leather upholstery is harmoniously matched to the exterior and the 6-seater saloon, the elegant 8-cylinder limousine "70" and the "7/28 Supersport" two-seater. The chassis of this car is noticeably lowered and somewhat shorter as well. Also the old 7/28 with updated bodies and chassis.
Auto November 1929
Auto November 1929
Pestrý týden - Prague Motor Show reportOctober 1929
Pestrý týden - Prague Motor Show reportOctober 1929
Salon October 1929
Pestrý týden - Prague Motor Show reportOctober 1929
Wikov 7/28 Supersport
Salon February 1930
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October 1930
October 1930
October 1930
October 1930
Wikov 35
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
28.09.1930 Masaryk Circuit   4 2 44 Konečník   750→1500 4th
          54 Kremel   750→1500 5th