Volkswagen do Brasil 1976

1300 / 1600  
SP 1 / SP 2 — discontinued


Volkswagen do Brasil S.A.,
Via Anchieta, km 23.5, Sao Bernardo de Campo, Caixa Postal 30.026, 01000 Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Brazilian branch of the German Volkswagen began production in 1965. It soon became the largest automobile factory in South America.
The model range has now been streamlined. Two coupes Karmann-Ghia TC and SP-2 disappeared.
The Brazilian Beetle still has the body of the 1971 model year. Externally differs by having ventilation slots in the bonnet and smaller taillights. Available vesrsions are the 1300 and 1300 L with 1.3-litre 38 hp and the 1600 with 54 hp.
The VW Brasilia is an estate based on the VW 1600 TL. Underfloor engine, high-lying loading area, folding rear seat. Two- and four-door.
The Variant is the only remaining version of the 1600 series. Tthe tailgate is lower than the Brasilia.
The Passat came in to Brazilian program since the model year 1974/75. Available as two- and four-door saloon with 1.5-litre and since 1976 the TS with 1.6-litre 80 hp. Compression ratio of the engines is greatly reduced due to strongly fluctuating fuel qualities.
VW do Brasil also produces Transporter van, bus and pick-up.
The production of Beetle reaches 2 million. In February SP-2 ceases to be produced (manufactured Total: 10,205 units, 88 units SP-1). The TL also stops being produced (total manufactured: 109,313 units)

1300 / 1600

wb: 2400 mm B4 cyl.
1285 cm³
38 hp
B4 cyl.
1584 cm³
54 hp
Sedan 2-dr 1300 1600


1600 and Brasilia

wb: 2400 mm B4 cyl.
1584 cm³
65 hp (SAE)
54 hp (DIN)
B4 cyl.
1584 cm³
60 hp (SAE)
50 hp (DIN)
Kombi Variant Brasilia  
Sedan 2-dr TL - — discontinued
Sedan 4-dr TL - — discontinued



SP 2

wb: 2400 mm B4 cyl.
1678 cm³
65 hp
Coupe 2-dr SP 2




wb: 2470 mm R4cyl.
1470 cm³
65 hp
1588 cm³
80 hp
Limousine 2-dr L/LS TS
Limousine 4-dr L/LS TS


Passat TS