Classic Car Catalogue

Vignale 1965


Fiat 850 Coupè Sportivo
Opel Kadett Cabriolet
Jensen Nova

Fiat 1300/1500

Fiat 1500

Opel Kadett finished in bright red and, with biscuit-coloured plastic trim, is naturally attracting considerable attention. It has the fashionable oblong headlamps, and equally fashionable flat back. The instrument layout and facia design, incorporating a centre console, is nicely styled and arranged. For the Fiat 850S Vignale has a new-style Coupé with an enormous, steeply sloping and curved screen, and a concave back window that can be propped open an inch or two at the bottom with an over-centre catch. It is an attractive alternative to the new works Coupé, and Fiat have clearly priced this high so as not to "kill" the specialist products.
(Geneva report)

Fiat 1300 S Coupé

Fiat 850 Coupé Sportivo at Geneva Show.

Opel Kadett in Geneva.

Open top Kadett was converted to a Coupé and shown at the Turin Motor Show.

Jensen Nova

Maserati Mexico presented in Turin.