Veritas 1952

Nürburgring wb:
2500 mm
2900 mm
R6 cyl.
1988 ccm
100 PS
– end of prod.    
Dyna wb:
2180 mm
B2 cyl.
744 ccm
32 PS
– end of prod.    



But only 20 cars were the meager earnings of all their efforts. The Veritas Nürburgring had to be liquidated. Reluctantly, only a desire of the Bundesverkehrsministers following, BMW took over the Ernst Loof operations. 


Dyna – Veritas





Veritas-Nürburgring 2 Liter Cabriolet by Spohn.





Toni Ulmen following British HWM at German GP.


Pietsch racing in east Germany.