Classic Car Catalogue

Vauxhall 1976

Viva (HC)  
Magnum - production halted between May and October
Victor (FE) - discontinued in January
Ventora - discontinued in January
VX 4/90 - discontinued in January
VX Series - new model

Great Britain



  4 cyl.
1256 cc
59 bhp
4 cyl.
2279 cc
135 bhp
Hatchback 3-door -  
Saloon 2-door - - new model
Saloon 4-door - - new model
Estate 3-door - - new model
Hatchback 3-door - HS - new model

First model out in the attractive well built new range that is fast transforming Vauxhall's image. It is an interesting automotive amalgam, for the engine is the well-proven three-bearing Viva unit, but the body underpan, doors, and rear suspension are from the German Opel Kadett - also a General Motors product. The well-located rear axle makes for excellent handling, and the carburation and porting modifications to the Viva engine have resulted in miserly fuel consumption. Rust-proofing is unusually thorough. There are three versions of the three-door hatchback, L, GL, and GLS, besides the saloons and station wagons. GL has opening quarter windows, carpeted load deck, clock and lighter; GLS adds sports wheels with fatter tyres, centre console, vanity mirror, velour upholstery, engine lamp, bumper under-riders, plus extra brightwork.
Saloons of conventional shape with two or four doors to back up the successful three-door hatchback Coupé. The engine is carefully developed for maximum economy, with thermostatically controlled air intake, modified cylinder head, different carburetter settings. There are three versions; E with cross ply tyres and vinyl upholstery, L with radials, reclining seats, cloth upholstery, GLS (4-door only) with extras like clock, lighter, console.


(1256 cc)
 Saloon 2-door (wb: 8ft 0in)
 Saloon 4-door (wb: 8ft 0in)
 Estate (wb: 8ft 0in)

Despite all the expansion of the Chevette range, the Viva is holding its place as a roomier car with option of a 1,759 c.c. engine for effortless performance with full loads. The Viva E as two-door and four-door saloons offers Viva motoring at minimum cost, while a new Viva model with even more luxurious finish and equipment than the existing SL is featured at the Motor Show.


(1759 cc, 77 bhp)
(2279 cc, 88 bhp)
 Saloon 2-door (wb: 8ft 0in)
 Saloon 4-door (wb: 8ft 0in)
 Estate 3-door (wb: 8ft 0in)
Sports Hatch (2279 cc) - April only - limited edition
 Estate 'droopsnoot'

Using a similar body shell to the Viva, the Magnum takes the engine options further with choice of 1.8 or 2.3-litre overhead-cam power units, the latter making it a real hot performer and also enabling the graceful station wagon to deal lightly with heavy loads. The full instrumentation includes a tachometer, upholstery is brushed nylon, there are four headlamps and a vinyl top is optional on saloons.


(1584 cc, 75 bhp)
(1879 cc, 89 bhp)
 Saloon 2-door
 Saloon 4-door

Imported from Belgium, the Cavalier has been an instant success. Based on Opel's Ascona, but with more streamlined front, the saloons offer two or four doors and choice of engines. The Coupé, derived from the Manta, has the 1.9-litre engine only. Equipment includes reclining seats, cloth upholstery, inertia reel harness, lighter, heated rear window, reversing lights. Good ride and handling, roomy interior and boot.

VX Series

1800 (1759 cc, 88 bhp)
2300 (2279 cc, 108 bhp)

Spacious five-door station wagons with a racy fastback line and a choice of engines 1.8 or 2.3 litres. They have the grace for social occasions, with wood-grain facia and console, soft foam-backed Ambla upholstery, carpeted load deck and a cover over the spare wheel. There is an automatic light over the load deck, plus heated rear window, lighter, clock, reclining front seats, inertia-reel harness, full underbody sealing.
Prestige model in the Vauxhall range, the GLS represents a serious attempt to cater for the executive market. Wool head lining, velour upholstery, wood grain panel set the tone inside with instruments that include tachometer, clock, thermometer and voltmeter. Kick panels and parcel shelf are carpeted. Power steering is standard and outside there are four halogen headlamps and halogen spotlamps, rubber bumper inserts and metallic paint at no extra cost.