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Vauxhall 1961

Victor FA - discontinued
Velox PA  
Cresta PA  
Victor FB - new model
VX 4/90 FB - new model

Great Britain

Much more restrained styling for the 1961 Victor, and extensive rust prevention treatment. Engine is 55bhp 1507cc as in the old model but with pressurised cooling system, and 78 mph top speed. Gearbox now with either four on the floor, or three on the column. Still with bench seats but de-luxe model offers leather trim and separate seats. Four door saloon or estate car options.
VX 4/90 has 71 bhp engine, better trim with wood on the dash, separate front seats, and contrasting colour flash on sides.
Vauxhall Velox PA was given a larger engine (2651 cc), improved brakes, larger wheels and, as a facelift for 1961, detail styling changes, improved lights and a redesigned instrument panel. Cresta PA model featured the same improvements. From September disc brakes standardised on Cresta.
VX 4/90 jest wersją nowego Victora. Dzięki zastosowaniu dwóch gaźników moc silnika wzrosła o 44%.

Victor (FA)

Victor (FA) (4 cyl, 1508 cc, 48 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 2in)
 Estate (wb: 8ft 2in)

December 1960

October 1961 advert.

Velox and Cresta

(PA) (6 cyl, 2651 cc, 95 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 9in)



Cresta model '62

Velox model '62

Cresta model '62

Victor and VX 4/90 (FB)

Victor (FB) (4 cyl, 1508 cc, 50 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 4in)
 Estate (wb: 8ft 4in)
VX 4/90 (FB) (4 cyl, 1508 cc, 71 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 4in)


4/90 at London Motor Show.


Standard Saloon 4-dr        
Special Saloon 4-dr        
Custom Saloon 4-dr