Vauxhall 1967

Viva (HB)
Victor (FC) - end of prod.
VX 4/90 (FC) - end of prod.
Cresta (PC)
Victor (FD) - new model

Great Britain

Brabham Viva from February has 69 bhp engine with twin Strombergs, recognisable by painted stripes around grille. Stylish two door Viva estate car from June, with top hinged tailgate. From late 1967 ohc 1599cc engine fitted.
Victor FD is an entirely new model built on a new platform with independent front suspension, rack-and-pinion steering and a choice of two new ohc four cylinder engines and four transmissions: a three-speed column change, four-speed floor change, four-speed with overdrive or Borg Warner automatic. Front disc brakes are standard on 2-litre models and optional on 1.6-litres.



(HB) (4 cyl, 1159 cc, 47 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 0in)
 Estate (wb: 8ft 0in) - June
90 (HB) (4 cyl, 1159 cc, 60 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 0in)
 Estate (wb: 8ft 0in) - June
Brabham (4 cyl, 1159 cc, 69 bhp) - February
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 0in)


Victor and VX 4/90 (FC)

Victor (FC) (4 cyl, 1594 cc, 61 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 4in)
 Estate (wb: 8ft 4in)
Victor VX 4/90 (FC) (4 cyl, 1594 cc, 75 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 4in)


Cresta and Viscount

Cresta (PC) (6 cyl, 3294 cc, 123 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 11½in)
 Estate (wb: 8ft 11½in) - January
Viscount (6 cyl, 3294 cc, 123 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 11½in)

Cresta de Luxe


Cresta de Luxe



Victor (FD)

(1599 cc, 72 bhp)
(1975 cc, 88 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 6in)


Canadian models

Envoy FC          
Epic HA – discontinued        
Epic HB – new model