Vauxhall 1965

Viva (HA)
VX 4/90 (FC)
Velox (PB) - end of prod.
Cresta (PB) - end of prod.
Cresta (PC) - London

Great Britain

Ten new Vauxhalls make news!

Proudly presented in these pages are the cars comprising the new Vauxhall range... a more refined version of the conspicuously successful Viva... a whole new generation of Victors. .. a brand-new VX 4/90... and the most powerful Vauxhalls ever built-the new 3.3 litre Velox and Cresta'sixes'. And the choice is widened still further by optional equipment and tailor-made accessories. Yet, in spite of this variety, all these new Vauxhalls have certain sterling qualities in common. Each in its class, from the 1 litre Viva to the 3.3 litre Cresta, has such a favourable power-to-weight ratio that it couples outstanding performance with gratifying economy. In all models engine oil needs changing only at 3,000 mile intervals and chassis lubrication comes only every 30,000 miles!
Each Vauxhall has an integral body-chassis of great torsional strength. All are seven-stage rust-proofed, deep-dipped in protective primer-sealer, sprayed with base and top primers and finally finished with 'Magic Mirror' lacquer. This acrylic lacquer only needs washing, rinsing and wiping to restore its original deep lustre. All Vauxhalls are under-body sealed at the factory. All have an invisible clear-vision panel bulb: into the windscreen so that driving vision is still maintained even if the screen is damaged. Vauxhall headlights and sidelights are protected against short-circuit blackout: a special charge controller prolongs battery life; and, of course, seat-belt anchorages are built-in.
No matter which model in the Vauxhall range you choose, you can be assured that your choice is backed by flrst class engineering design, low-cost maintenance and a substantial warranty. In every detail, every 1965 Vauxhall is a thanoughly well-made, thoroughly well-finished car.

General Motors have devoted half an entire annexe to their products from the British assembly plant in Belgium, the Opel factory in Germany, and the true "home-grown" cars from Detroit. Pride of place is given to a specially finished silver Vauxhall Victor 101, the 10 millionth G.M. vehicle to be manufactured outside the U.S.A.
(General report)

From late 1965, Viva De-luxe 90 and SL 90 have up rated 54 bhp engines giving 85 mph top speed, and servo assisted discs as standard.
"Powerglide" automatic option in Victor from 1965.
From late 1965 limited slip diff as standard in VX4/90.
In 1965 Cresta (PB) power steering option, and two speed Powerglide auto option in place of three speed Hydramatic. Velox (PB) is de-specked version of Cresta, recognisable by smaller grille.



HA wb: 7ft 7½in 4 cyl.
1057 cc
50 bhp
4 cyl.
1057 cc
60 bhp
Viva Saloon 2-dr -    
Viva de Luxe Saloon 2-dr -    
Viva SL Saloon 2-dr - – October  
Viva 90 de Luxe Saloon 2-dr - – October  
Viva 90 SL Saloon 2-dr - – October  


Victor 101 and VX 4/90

FC wb: 8ft 4in 4 cyl.
1594 cc
70 bhp
4 cyl.
1594 cc
81 bhp
Standard Saloon 4-dr -
Super Saloon 4-dr -
De luxe Saloon 4-dr -
Super Estate -
De Luxe Estate -
VX 4/90 Saloon 4-dr -

VX 4/90

VX 4/90


Velox and Cresta (PB)

PB wb: 8ft 11½in 6 cyl.
3294 cc
128 bhp
Velox Saloon 4-dr
Cresta Saloon 4-dr

Velox '65


Cresta (PC)

PC wb: 8ft 11½in 6 cyl
3294 cc
140 bhp (SAE)
123 bhp (DIN)
Cresta Saloon
Cresta de Luxe Saloon


Canadian models

Envoy FC          
Epic HA          


Envoy. Canadian advert.

Canadian advert.