Vauxhall 1933

Cadet VY/VX - ost.rok
Light Six ASY/ASX - nowy model
Big Six BY/BX/BXL - październik

Great Britain

Nowy Light Six jest następcą Cadetta. Podobnie jak on, oferuje dwie wersje sześciocylindrowego silnika o mocy podatkowej 12 lub 14 koni mechanicznych (H.P.).

Vauxhall Light Six came in two types, the 12 HP Model ASY and the 14 HP Model ASX. Both has a six-cylinder OHV engine with 100-mm stroke. Cylinder bore is 57 and 61.5 mm respectively, giving 1.531 - and 1.781 -cc cubic capacity. In 1933 Vauxhalls accounted for some 40% of all British registrations of 14 HP cars.

November '33

New Vauxhall Big Six
Luxury motoring at £325
A new Vauxhall made its debut at Olympia. It is the 20 h.p. Big Six, the successor to the Vauxhall Cadet.
The Big Six is a larger, more powerfull and more luxurious cat than its famous predecessor. A wheelbase of 111 inches with a forward mounted engine give exceptionally roomy coachwork. Five big men can sit comfortably in the Big Six. The tax is £20.
Special Features
There is of course, Vauxhall Super Synchro-Mesh easy change gear box with four forward speeds and silent third gear. Vauxhall were the British pioneers of Synchro-Mesh. The Vauxhall Super Synchro-Mesh system gives a faultless change no matter how quickly the gear lever is moved.
Vauxhall No-Draught Ventilation is fitted to the Saloon. Other new features are completely automatic chassis lubrication, pedomatic starting, and down-swept tail with concealed luggage compartment.
The Big Six Saloon has really modern lines - the price is £325. There is a wide range of other models with special coachwork.
7-Seater Limousine
There is also a luxurious seven-seater limousine on the Vauxhall Big Six Long Chassis (130 inch wheelbase). This has a 27 h.p. engine and with coachwork by Grosvenor costs £550.
Deliveries of the new Big Six will commence early in 1934.
Best seller in Four Months
12 and 14 h.p. Vauxhall Light Sixes
Few cars have had such an enthusiastic welcome as the Vauxhall Light Six. In less than four months some 5.000 Light Sixes have been sold.
There are two horse powers. The 12 h.p. models for those who want Vauxhall performance at lowest operating cost. The 14 h.p. model for an extra reserve of power and turn of speed. Both models have Vauxhall Super Synchro-Mesh easy change gear box.
The Standard Saloon (12 h.p.) costs £195. The "De Luxe" Saloon (12 h.p. or 14 h.p.) with Vauxhall No-Draught Ventilation, sliding roof and other refinements, costs £215.
A new Fixed Head Coupé, with Vauxhall No-Draught Ventilation, will be available early in 1934, price £230.





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