Vauxhall 1931

Cadet VY/VX – new model

Great Britain

Vauxhall Cadet Coupé is based on Model VY 16.9 HP chassis. For export a 26.3 HP variant was introduced, designated model VX. For the VX the bore of the 6-cylinder engine is increased from 67.5 to 84.1 mm. With the stroke remaining at 95 mm this give a piston displacement of 3177 cc. Brake horsepower is up from 42 to 47.
Vauxhall Eighty 24 HP six-cylinder saloon, also known as Silent 80, was in production during 1931-32. It has a 3317-cc (80 x 110 mm) OHV engine, four-speed gearbox and 5.50-20 tyres.

Nowy model Cadet wyposażony jest w pierwszą na rynku brytyjskim przekładnię Synchro-Mesh, opracowaną przez General Motors. Występuje w kilku wersjach: Standard Saloon, Standard Saloon z odsuwanym dachem i bezpiecznymi szybami, Two-seater, Sports Coupé i Four-Light Coupé.




Cadett Coupé

Cadet Standard Saloon

Malcolm Campbell zachwala nowego Cadet'a.




80 Saloon

October '31