Classic Car Catalogue

Vanden Plas 1961

Princess 3 Litre Saloon 2912cc, 108bhp  
Princess 4 Litre Saloon    

Great Britain

The 3-litre become Mark II in 1961.

Princess 3-Litre

wb: 9 ft. 2 in. R6 cyl.
108 bhp
R6 cyl.
120 bhp
Saloon Mk I   – discontinued
Saloon   Mk II – new model


3 Litre at 1960 Motor Show at Earls Court in London.

Externally the Mk II is almost identical to the Mk I, having more powerful engine, gear lever in the floor, revised steering and suspension, more legroom, provision for front seat belts, foldable tables for rear seat passengers and other interior refinements.

Princess 4-Litre

wb: 11ft 3/8in. R6 cyl.
3993 cc
150 bhp