Vanden Plas 1968

Princess 1300    
Princess 4-Litre R – end of prod. in May (1964-68 - 6.999 ex.)  
Princess Limousine – end of prod.  

1300 MkII from 1968 gets 68 bhp twin carb engine, or 60 bhp on autos.
The Princess 4 Litre Limousine was end of prod. in May. Within BL rationalised programm the Vanden Plas will be building the top version of the new Daimler DS420 based on the Jaguar 420G chassis but painted and trimmed at Kingsbury by Vanden Plas.


Princess 1300

wb: 7ft. 9½in. R4 cyl.
1275 cc
65 bhp



Princess 4-Litre R

wb: 9 ft. 2 in. R6 cyl.
3909 cc
175 bhp
Saloon   – end of prod.



Princess 4-Litre

wb: 11ft 3/8in. R6 cyl.
3993 cc
150 bhp
Saloon   – end of prod.